Chapter 6

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"So, you've been spotted recently with a mystery person?" Scott rolled his eyes but nodded. "What's his name? Who is he? Give us the deets!" Scott chuckled.
"His names Coby. He's a friend of mine." Scott said, using Mitch's middle name instead of his first. He didn't want to drag Mitch into this more than he already has.
"Is this a new fling?" She asked.
"No. No, we aren't dating. Friends."

"No homework again, Mitch?" His teacher sighed. "What's going on, Mitch?"
"He's found a new fuck buddy." A voice called from the corner of the room.
"Travis!" The class errupted into laughter. Well, everyone but Mitch, the steaming teacher, Kirstie and Tori. Mitch let out an annoyed sigh and pushed his hair from his face.
"At least I've found someone. Unlike you," The class grew quiet as Travis was shocked at Mitch's sudden bravery- something he picked up from being with Scott so much.

It wasnt until lunch when Mitch checked his phone. He had a missed text from Scott.

Scott Hoying: Heard you smart mouthed today?
Mitch Grassi: How'd you know?
Scott Hoying: A little birdie named Kirstie told me.
Mitch Grassi: Ugh
Scott Hoying: You're on lunch now right?
Mitch Grassi: Yeah why?
Scott Hoying: let's go grab some. I'll meet you out front your school.
Mitch Grassi: I can't just leave.
Mitch Grassi: Why aren't you replying what are you up to
Mitch Grassi: Scotland Hoying if you're up to something

"Mitch Grassi to the main office." Scott's voice quieted the lunch room. Mitch made a face and rolled his eyes as he stood up.
"Everything okay?" Kirstie asked.
"Yeah, early dismissal." He said his goodbyes and made his way to the office.
"Hey you." Scott smiled when he saw Mitch and he kissed his cheek before a blush made its way to his face. "Hungry?"
"I can't just leave, Scott."
"Yeah you can. I excused you from the rest of the day."
"What? How?" Mitch slapped his chest and he wrapped his arm around Scott's. He pulled his cap on and then his glasses before following Scott outside.
Mitch sat in Scott's car and smiled when he saw Scott stop to take a picture with someone.

"Where are we eating?" Mitch asked, watching the scenery pass.
"My place." Mitch's head snapped Scott's way. They had known each other for almost three months now, and not once had he been to Scott's house. "What're you in the mood for?"
"Your cooks going to make us lunch?" Mitch asked, smirking.
"No, smart ass, I am. I can cook, believe it or not." Mitch's eyes widened when Scott pulled up to a large house.
"Come on." Scott grinned and led him inside. He kicked the door closed with his foot and dropped his coat on the edge of the couch, only to have his maids rush to clean it up. "Thank you, Lucy." He smiled at her before making his way to the kitchen. Mitch sat on the bar stool and watched as Scott excused the maids from the kitchen. "You guys go home for the night. Mom and dad are out with the boys and it'll be just us. Go spend the weekend with your families."
"Are you sure, Master Scott?"
"Scott." he corrected. "And I'm positive. You guys get outta here. Tell the kids I said hey. Oh," he handed them each money. "Buy them a pizza from me. I promised Cody and Jake I'd buy them some."
"Yessir. Thank you." Lucy smiled warmly. "Have a nice night."

"Fifty dollars each? That's more than I make a week." Mitch shook his head. "You're spoiled."
"You think?" Scott smiled and flipped the food in the pan. He set it on the oven top and went back to stirring the pasta. He couldn't help but watch as Mitch played with his dog. "That's the cutest thing ever."
Mitch looked up and rolled his eyes, his hair falling infront of his face. When Mitch's stomach let out a rumble, Scott couldn't help but chuckle.
"Shut up! You pulled me from lunch and I'm hungry."
"Oh I'm sorry, Mitchie. It's almost done. Think you can wait five more minutes?"
"I mean, I guess."

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