Chapter Four

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  "You went to prison because you walked across a road when you weren't supposed to?" I was in shock was my brother on over protecting pills.

  "Jail" he repeated and I ignored him.

I can't believe Joey would be so protective,  I guess he only heard that he went to prison... jail and not the reason why. I sank into the cars' leather seat relaxing at the thought that I wasn't I guess friends with a murderer. I guess I could count him as a friend; we were neighbours, school mates and I met his parents.

I never really had many friends until Justin came along, then I had practically none. Only the fake kind. After it all I got them back but I haven't seen any of them since summer. I never really thought of it since Justin(I) smothered himself in my thoughts.

Shades earthy smell wafted to me like sweet dream. I closed my eyes and I could feel him watching me.

"Keep your eyes on the road, I don't wanna die in a car" I stated with my eyes still closed. His car felt like it glided: it was so relaxing.

"Where do you wanna die then?" He asked.

"Do you not think fate has already decided?" I retorted trying to sound deep or confusing.

"That's what I'm counting on" he answered, leaving me frowning with confusion and not him.

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