Part 11 The horrible morning

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Me and devin were on you now for a pretty long time talking to fans and just having fun we ended around 1 in the morning .

I wake up to extreme , horrible pain in my side I didn't know why but I hurt so bad.
They guys came in knowing something was wrong .... I told them I was fine but I really wasn't it felt like I was dieing inside
I flip over to my left so I can let my right be alittle better
But it didn't help at all.
I few minutes later jayk came in
" Are you okay ? " He asks
" No " I tell him honestly
He comes to the side of my bed and sits down .
" What hurts?" he says "
" My side , it hurts even to breath " I explain
His figures slowly go to my waist right were it hurts
" that hurtsssss " I say
His fingers go deep into my hip I slowly just let him do what ever he's doing cause it's helping
" Come towards me " he says
I Go towards him.
His hands brush through my hair as I close my eyes he brought ice and put it on my waist
" Thank you " I say
" My pleasure. " He says
I slowly dais off and fall asleep . the rest of the day it's just me and my bed

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