The Trix's Break out

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Now readers of my fanfic... This is my first ever fanfic. I'm not going to say that I think it's horrible because of that fact... I really think people should believe in their projects! So I believe in my fanfic! Let me explain my name as well... I love both Flora from Winx and Fluttershy from My Little Pony! Now that that is settled........ I do not own any of the characters from Winx! Some rich dude does...

*Winx Intro*

-Omega Dimension-

"I'm so done with the cold." Stormy growled, rubbing her arms. Darcy scowled and nodded looking around the icy, dark place.

"Not to worry sisters. We will be out of here sooner than you think." Icy sneered. "I managed to get our old head mistress to join the cat family tree. Every witch needs a cat right?" The Trix laughed evily and transported to Cloud Tower.

-Cloud Tower-

"See? Now we have our former school in our hands." Icy said, kicking away Mrs. Griffon who was hissing at the trio.

"Why didn't we just get rid of Mrs. Griffon?" Stormy asked.

"Yeah. She could be turned back by that fairy that brought Merta back from pumpkin land." Darcy added.

"That's not going to happen. Getting rid of her would alert the other schools. And flower fairy deals with plants, not animals." Icy snapped. Darcy frowned at her tone and Stormy grumbled. "Now, can we move on to how we are going to lure Bloom here?"

"Why Bloom though? If you ask me we should get the flower fairy. I mean the three main elements are Air, Water, and Earth so..." Darcy said, shrugging.

"I see what Darcy is saying. If Earth is a main element and flower girl has nature powers... Isn't she incredibly powerful too? But just might not know it?" Stormy added. Icy pondered this for a moment, before a creepy smile appeared on her face.

"Yes! Okay new plan. We get Miss Linphea and bring her here. Then we lure Bloom here. But just as she tries to save her friend we take flower fairy's magic and then Bloom's! We will be unstoppable!" Icy said and laughed evilly.

"It's perfect." Darcy answered, with laugh of her own. Stormy sneered, and said,

"Then why don't we go pay little miss flower power a visit?" Her sisters smiled and they started to fly away from Cloud Tower their laughter traveled with the wond behind them.

I know that was short but that where I decided to cut it... Chapter 2 coming soon! Please review!


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