Chapter 37

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It's been a month since Amanda had the baby. Jayceon is still pissed off and upset that he believed her. He looked past the fact that she messed up his relationship, he looked at her as his baby mama. He was happy that he might be havin another baby, but the last two weeks of her pregnancy he saw her scandalous side. She caused aaliyah to run off then she let jayceon get hit with the news that the baby isn't his.

He felt stupid, and played. He tried not to think about it much, but seeing Amanda standing less than two feet away with Ray and Anya had him moving without thinking of his actions or words.

Before he knew it, he stood in front of a shocked Amanda. She was a little frightened as she stared up at Jayceon. She nevee meant for shit to turn out this way, she never meant for this to happen, but she does believe it was for the best.

Since Ray found out Anya is his, he hasn't left Amanda's side. The two are now in a relationship and they are going strong. Amanda didn't think she could get past her feelings with Jayceon, but Ray showed her different. That's why it wasn't affecting her that he was standing infront of her, a deep frown on his perfect face, his muscles popping out through his dress shirt, the cologne invading her nostrils. She just stared up at him as he stared down at her.

He started to say something, but Ray stepped in between them and aaliyah walked over and grabbed Jayceon by th arm.

"Not here. Not now." She reasoned. Jayceon calmed down and followed her. Aaliyah looked back at Ray and Amanda as they looked at the two of them.

Amanda showed sn apologetic look before aaliyah turned away. Aaliyah looked up at Jayceon to see him staring straight ahead. She knew it was a bad idea to come to this event, but she loves his parents as if they were his own and didn't want to miss their renewal of vows.

"What was that?" Crystal asked Jayceon as she stood infront of him. Jayceon sighed, he knew he shouldn't have came when he found out Amanda would be here, but his parents begged. He almost did something stupid, he didn't know what he was going to do, but he knew it wouldn't have turned out pretty.

"I got it Crys." Aaliyah stated. Jayceon sighed, he grabbed Aaliyah's hand and gave it s tight squeeze, giving a silent apology. Aaliyah just nodded her head, she knew he just wanted closure, but this isn't the place.

"Mmhmm, well the service is about to begin." Crystal said before walking away. Jayceon and aaliyah followed closely. They say at the table that was assigned for them. They watched as the live band began to play and as Mr. Richards walked up to the altar.

Aaliyah smiled as the scene played out. Soon there were flowers falling from the ceiling and then the singer began to sing an old song by Brian McKnight as Mrs. Richards walked out.

Aaliyah looked at Jayceon and smiled, that would be them in some time and she couldn't wait. Jayceon smiled back, he rubbed the ring that sat perfectly on her ring finger.

They both leaned over and pecked each other's lips before turning to watch the rest of the ceremony.


After the ceremony was over, they all went to the reception hall to eat.

"Get this bad ass." Jayceon's brother, Terrance said as he handed JJ to him. Jayceon chuckled as he grabbed his son.

"What he do T?" Aaliyah asked.

"His lil bad ass got mad because I wouldn't give him my phone, so he slapped me and made me drop my phone and crack." Jayceon and Aaliyah laughed as they looked at jj. For him to be just a few months old, he was a bad ass.

"I'm sorry man. I'll get it fixed."

"Nah it's good." Terrance said with a chuckle. Jayceon started to say somethin, but the voice of his father boomed. He turned around and saw his mom and dad standing on the stage with glasses in hand.

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