Chapter 7- Star Struck

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"Dylan! It's so good to see you again," Harry said, smiling, embracing me into a hug.

"It's good to see you too Harry," I replied pulling away.

"And you must be Dylan's sister," Liam piped in.

"Yeah I'm Natalie. It's so nice to meet you. The show was great," Natalie remarked, batting her eyes at Harry.

"Are you two just gonna hog the girls or are you gonna let the rest of us meet them," Louis said as he pushed Harry out of the way.

"Dylan, Natalie, this is-," Liam started before he was cut off.

"NIALL, LOUIS AND ZAYN!," Natalie squealed.

"Damn," Louis whispered as he jumped back," I was just about to ask for a hug."

Natalie ran engulfing Louis into her arms, taking his breath away. Niall walked over to me, hugging me tightly introducing himself. We made our way down the line hugging each boy, me ending with Harry. We took pictures and then just decided to chill in their dressing room. They're just as funny , cheeky, and down to earth as everyone says they are. They're really humble and don't at all act like celebrities. They're just 5 everyday teenage guys.

"I'm booooored," Niall whined hanging upside down off the couch,"Let's go to the pub. "

"Niall we are in L.A not Ireland," Louis remarked.

"We could go back to the hotel," Zayn said as he shrugged.

"No that's even more boring," Niall said pouting.

"Well we can't just sit here," Liam added.

Then all 5 boys turned to Natalie and I.

"Dylan, Natalie, any ideas?," Zayn said calmly.

"Uhm none that I can think of sorry,"I replied.

"I know where we can go," Louis announced smirking.

"Oh God Lou. Last time you took us somewhere the cops showed up," Liam asserted.

"Hey! I thought we agreed that wasn't my fault," Louis declared.

"Whatever. Definitely not to whatever it is you're thinking. I'm not trying to get arrested any time soon," Zayn continued.

"Oh, so I guess you don't wanna go to a party that Jeff is having tonight"

"Jeff is throwing a party?," Harry commented looking up.

"Yeah," Louis said looking excited,"He just texted me the the invite. Are you guys in?"

"PLEASE IM SO BORED," Niall yelled jumping up.

"Sorry guys we can't. My dad said that we have to be back home by 12 no exceptions," I piped in.

"Dyl," Natalie said, glaring at me.

"No Natalie. We can't. Or at least I'm not. I'm not about to get grounded," I replied.

"It's alright, there will always be other parties," Liam said, standing in front of Natalie.

"I wish I could go but someones being such a goody goody and I don't want her to be a snitch either, so I guess I have to go. But how long are you all gonna be in L.A.?," Natalie remarked, staring past Liam and looking at Harry, batting her eyelashes again.

Liam looked over at Natalie,"Well the tour is on break right now because we have to finish recording the album, so about 3 months. Which is plenty of enough time for us to hang out. "

"Great!," Natalie said, finally looking at Liam,"The 6 of us really should hang out again." Louis muttered something as she hugged Liam, then ran over hugging all the other boys, ending with Harry as she kissed his cheek and slipped something into his pocket. And with that she ran out. Talk about having zero shame.

I stood up,"Thank you all so much. The show was amazing and thanks for letting us just hang out."

Harry walked over to me, the rest of the boys following behind him. "Anytime love, we'll see each other real soon."

"Let me call Paul to escort you out," Louis said walking out the door.

Paul came about 5 min later while Natalie waited outside. He said he caught her trying to talk to a few guys backstage so he brought her back so he could escort is both out. I hugged each boy one last time and walked out with the biggest smile ever. Did I seriously just hang out with One Direction? My life long dream has just been accomplished is this even real?! I was snapped out of thought when I heard Harry yelling from a distance

"Natalie wait!," Harry yelled as his footsteps quickened. My heart sank. I'm the one who likes him, why is it always her? From the corner of my eye I saw Natalie stop, but I just kept going, walking even father than before.

"Thank you Paul," I said smiling, trying to hold back the tears.

"Anytime. I hope to see you again soon. You're a really good influence on the boys. This is the best they have behaved all year," he said as he chuckled.

I laughed,"Well thanks again. Bye." I waved and walked out the doors basically running to my car. I got in and the tears just kept coming. Why am I never good enough for any one. Why couldn't I be Natalie. Why couldn't I be pretty and curvy and outgoing. What was so wrong with me. I just sat there crying all my pain away until my phone started ringing.

"H-hello," I said trying to stop the tears.

"Dylan oh my gosh are you okay?," replied a worried Fletcher.

"Yeah I'm fine," I lied

"Really because it sounds like you're crying you're crying your heart out"

"No. I'm fine seriously don't worry about me."

"It's kinda hard not to when I know such a pretty girl like you is crying. Whats wrong babe?," he answered.

"Nothing. It's just my sister. You know the one that I told you about. I'll tell you later I think she's coming."

"Alright babe, call me later okay? Plus I want to hear about this concert you've been excited for," he replied sounding sincere.

I smiled," Bye." I hung up and I quickly dried my eyes as I leaned my head against the window, making sure Natalie couldn't see my face.

"Hey. Where did you go?," she asked.

"Obviously in here," I stated.

"Geez. I was just asking a question. You would think a girl who just meet the five hottest guys in the world would be a lot more happier," she said.

"Well where did you go?," I asked, wanting to know what Harry wanted.

"Harry was calling me," she paused as I turned to her as she smirked.

"He asked me out."

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