hey people of the univerze Jason has a sister her name is Flicity and two years younger than Jason.

I woke up to the smell of food, I got dressed and ran down stairs. I stoped to see my mom talking to the new girl from school. i sniffed the air to make sure she wasnt a rogue, only to smell the most amazing smell in the world it was like flowwers and the forest. I just decided to ignore the smell and meet the new girl.

"hey mom whos this" i said and took a short glance at her to my mom. " shes our new neighbour, Charlie Ross" wow did she say Ross as in Shaun Ross's daughter Charlie Ross, Charlies dad is the most famous, richest person in the world and if you dont think so then guess what you are just what people call hard headed. " hey my name is Jason moon" i said holding my hand to shake hers " yeah i heard so much about you my dad talks about you all the time... you must know him Shaun Ross" she said while reaching out to shake my hand. 

Thats when I felt sparks and fireworks fly all over my hand and arm, I looked up at Charlie shocked, I found my mate and the same day of my birthday. I took my hand away slowly. " did you..." " yep" "so you..." " yep" "so wha do you wanna do now?" i asked " wanna go take a walk on the beach" she asked " sure, just give me sec" I said I went up to room to get a couple of clothes and went back down stairs  "kay I'm ready lets go" we started going, before we got out the I wrapped my arm around her shoulders.

Charlie POV

*after the found out they were mates*

I knew I smelt something amazing when i walk in the house just thought it was food cause you know when i walk in their to say 'hi' to my new neighbours, Mrs. Moon was cooking breakfast for her husband and son.

*before the found out they were mates

Who is probably sleeping at the time. I learned she had a husband and son from my dad of course he said he met them as soon as we got here which was yesterday. Dad said Mrs. Moon had a son, he also said he had pink eyes which was rare. But i knew my dad didn't want me to marry him because he would make my future 'children' more rare and powerful than Dad and the son put together so he's making me marry some rich person who isn't as rare and lives far away probably in England, dad had to go pick him up and bring him here so i can meet with him, and if i approve of him then we marry 3 days after i agree. Which is stupid because i won't agree to marry someone who isn't my mate.

Then the amazing scent got stronger and I had to fight the urge to look up to find the amazing scent and keep talking to Mrs.Moon, she told me to call her Ally though because Mrs.Moon makes her sound old-

"hey mom who's this?" someone ask knocking right out my thoughts good thing he did because his voice was so sexy and husky- wait a minuet i don't believe i just said that....

".... Charlie Ross" they have a thing for knocking me right outta my thought

"hey my names Jason Moon..." trailing off, he ran his hands through his hair which makes me want to just get up and touch his hair.  

*At the beach*

-back to Jason's pov

We were walking on the shore line i could tell it was going hightide because the water started hitting my legs than i got an idea I picked up Charlie and brought her out a little, and droped her, she screamed I can't blame her if I were droped in the water I would scream too. I got knocked out of my thoughts when I felt cold water hit my skin and then I noticed she was splashing than I ducked under water, ' wow its really warm under here' I thought I got back up and felt the chilli wind I sat down in the water for a while until the water made my hands wrinkly, I got out and made a fire for Charlie and I so we could dry quicker and besides the sun was going down I looked at the sun as it was going down then I felt someone grab my face and turned my head so I was looking then she kissed me I knew it was Charlie because of the sparks, I could say I was shocked at first then I started kissing back, I put her on my lap without breaking the kiss she wrapped her smooth arms around my neck. I licked her bottom lip asking for an entrance, but she denied me I growled at her for not letting me in, so I lowered my hands to her butt and pinched it she gasped and i took the avantage to slip my tongue in her mouth her tongue was having a battle with with my tongue, of course I won. We pulled away so we could have a breather, but that didn't stop me started kissing her neck and she moaned, when she did moan I smirked while trying to find her soft spot. When I kissed a cirtan spot she moaned even louder, I pulled back "Jason!" she whined "what my little kitten" I asked I smiled at the nickname I gave her, she was giving me the puppy eyes I noticed she wanted me to mark her "Just say the words and I'll mark you" I said trying not to give in to the puppy eyes she was giving me "I'm yours" she said I started to kiss her neck until I found the spot where the mark was sopposed to be, then I let my cain's out and bite her, at first she scream then it became a pleasurable moan. I starting wondering why she wanted me to mark her so early thats when I asked something I wish I hadnt... 

to be conuted 


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