Chapter 18

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" there is no killing me until the debt is paid." A foul voice whispered through the air.

I spun around." What the hell?"

" miss Kerr. Shall we?" Fury's voice broke me from my thoughts and I turned to him with an emotionless gaze.

I nodded my head once and followed him into the building. As soon as the doors were opened a gust of air rammed into me. The room was circular and was filled with computers and agents alike, working busy.

" miss Kerr. This, is SHIELD."

I raised my eyebrow." Impressive. I've seen better." Muttering the last part I plastered a fake smile to fury.

" so....what do I do now?" I asked, swinging on the balls of my feet. Fury rolled his one eye and stepped forward." I can get agent bar-"

I held up my hand." Remember our deal? Keep him Away from me." I muttered with gritted teeth. He sighed heavily." Agent Romanov?"

Seconds later as if on Que. a woman with bouncing red curly hair stalked into the room. She glanced at me with a emotionless gaze before turning back to fury." Director." She greeted.

Fury gestured to me." Show miss Kerr to her room, then show her around and let her meet everyone." She nodded. " yes sir."

She started for the door, a nod to me to gesture to follow. I kept up with her pace easily, my suitcases trailing behind me.

We finally stopped in front of a door in a hallway away from any agents." This. Is your room. You can put your stuff down than ill take you to meet the others." Romanov spoke with urgency. I nodded and placed my bags inside with a quick glance around.

Everything, was black. The bed, the pillows, the walls, the floors, the desk, chair, bathroom, bathtub, even the toilet!

I let out a low whistle." Looks like my kind of room."

I looked back to Romanov who held a smirk on her lips. " it does. Shall we?" She gestured for the door again and I nodded, following suit.

As we walked down the halls she spoke." What's the deal with you and Barton anyway?"

I raised an eyebrow and pushed my raven hair from my eyes." I thought you would know that already. Barton being your partner and all."

Her eyes widened in surprise but still kept mainly emotionless." How'd you know that?"

I tapped my head and shrugged." My head just knows certain things about people just by looking at them."

It was true tho. I could glance at someone and know everything about them. Only few people in the world are able to be immune to that power.

She nodded her head and I could tell she was weirded out." Well, here's the gym."

I acknowledged it and memorized the way, getting a feeling that I would be here most days.

We then visited the indoor pool, the training room, cafeteria, and the conference room. Our next stop would be the lab, where supposedly everyone else was.

Once we arrived in front of the lab, Romanov turned to me." I warn you, stark is a bit of a show off and....well he's a playboy. Everyone else is fine, but just be on the lookout some may blame you for certain things."

I bit my lip in frustration." Alright. I can handle it."

She nodded and pushed open the door, revealing a fairly large lab with equipment of all sorts piled on the tables. There were five figures standing in the middle of the room, just, conversing I guess.

Romanov cleared her throat." Gentlemen." Everyone turned my way and started me down like a vulture and it's prey." This is-"

" darkness." A man with a circle of light on his chest and brown hair and a beard.

Tony stark.

I nodded and tried to keep in a groan." So that's what you look like." He eyed me curiously and wandered closer.

" alright stark, give the lady her space." A mans voice called. I looked up to see a tall man with spiked up blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. His outfit gave him away completely.

Captain america.

I smirked." With my manners, I'm nowhere near a lady." He sighed and tilted his head to the side." I figured that."

I felt eyes on me but I ignored it, knowing Clint was trying to get my attention. " so I guess I should introduce you all to her-" Romanov started.

I waved her off." No need. I already know their names and everything about them." The room went quiet and a uncomfortable shuffle came from the back of the room.

" awwwwwkward." Stark muttered, speaking for all of them." Sorry." I muttered." It's a habit."

" your damn right it's a habit." Barton's voice muttered from behind me. I whipped around and glared at him." You know what would be a good idea? If you shut the hell up about other people's lives! You know nothing about me. Me, on the other hand knows every thing about you."

He held up his hands and backed up." Okay listen Thalia. I said I was sorry."

" bout damn time." I growled." But anyone can say sorry, doesn't mean it's true."

He groaned and left the room in a hurry. Good. If he wasn't going to leave, I would've.

I turned to the crowd who stood behinds and smiled apologetically." Sorry."

Bruce banner nodded." It's ok. We all get outbursts." I nodded.

He was a good man. Kind, too.

" I should go back to my room." I muttered quietly.

" should I help you find the way ma'am?"

I shook my head." No thanks Rogers, it's plastered on my brain. I'll find the way."

He raised his eyebrows but didn't question as I pushed past everyone to the door.

As I left I heard them speak." What an odd being." Thor muttered.

"She's hot." Tony said, I could hear the smirk In his voice.

I laughed quietly to myself but quickly stopped as I walked to my room. Then i remembered.

One week left. One week left until I can leave the tortured of this world and all people In it.

"Thalia I-"

Barton. Great.

I pushed past him." Don't talk to me."

He grabbed my arm but I pulled back with a hiss." Thalia please!" He begged.

I gritted my teeth and glared daggers in his eyes." Go to hell."

I then spun on my heels, stalking towards my room and slamming the door.

I left Barton out in the hallway probably hating himself.

Well he deserved it.

Didn't he?

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