I Cannot Fathom

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The feeling is so strong, so overwhelming. I can't begin to fathom where it started or where it will end. I pray to God that it will last forever. It's the feeling of being totally consumed by your love for one person.

The feeling that you receive when you look at them and they finally look back, the feeling of lips meeting in the dark of night, the tingles, the small shivers sent down your spine as you look at the one you love, and they look back the same way.

As you and your loved one become closer and closer and your love for one another grows and grows, you become almost detached from the world and the only thing that you seem to care about is pleasing the person that makes your heart swell with a simple smile. That person is your other half.

If you've never met your other half you still feel complete or whole in your life. But once the special person waltzes into your life you realise how much better everything seems to feel. You see the world in a different light and it feels wonderful. You cannot begin to imagine a world without that person and suddenly your world shifts as though it's rotating around that special person.

It's so hard to explain this amazing feeling; the feeling of being in love. But as soon as you do know what it feels like I think we can all agree that you feel almost light headed but you aren't going to faint. It's as if when your lips touch your other half's, you
to float.

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