Chapter 17

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Its almost my birfday so I felt like updating. So I'm giving you guys a present for my birthday because I love you all more than I love me.

*Pete's POV*

Great. Just great. Frank's unconscious. So is Chad. And Gerard is more worried about Frank than himself.

"Gerard stop. Are you okay?" I asked.

"Of course Pete I wouldn't let anything happen to this baby. Chad didn't really hit me. He just said things to me. Terrible things. But nothing physical. Now forget me and help Frank!" he was very stern.

He and Patrick already tried to get him up themselves but I'm not gonna let them do that.

Frank is short but not to light.

He had fallen into the wall and hit his head but other than that he was fine. Hopefully.

"Okay. I can't carry him or darg him by myself. I need Andy's help. Maybe Joe's too. But they're always together anyway." I said sighing and laying Frank back down.

"I'm on it." Patrick said.

After a couple minutes Patrick said. "Andy and Joe are on their way. They have a substitute and the substitute doesn't give a shit."

"Okay. Pete move, so I can get Frank." Andy said coming into the bathroom.

I did as he said he and he carried Frank to the nurse.

I've been in here as much as Gerard. She scolded me for getting Patrick pregnant. She also scolded Gerard for getting pregnant.

But, oh well.

She looked at the bruise on his head and did some other factory shit.

"He's fine. Just knocked out. You can all go back to class." she stated.

"Actually," I interjected. "Can Patrick and Gerard stay here? I don't want them to get hurt again. I don't want anything to happen."

"Of course they can Pete. You might get bored though boys. I hope you have something to do."

Patrick smiled and sat down and Gerard went and layed down.

"Well, I have to get back to class," I said leaning down and giving Patrick a kiss. "I'll see you later, love."
There was a lotta peterick in this chapter. I couldn't really put much frerard cause Franks unconscious. This isn't Torchwood, you can't go kissed bois who are unconscious.
Was this short? I feel like it was short.

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