Chapter 18

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The Greiver slowly revealed itself...we didn't dare brethe, there the Greiver was...3 feet from my face, luckily it's head was taller than I was, I guess it didn't look left, I thought hard,
'Turn back, turn back.' I thought, but it just kept walking foward, it got to the edge of the cliff...I needed to see what it was doing. I slowly walked closer to it...I know Val was probably thinking I have a death wish. I was 10 feet away from it...suddenly it jumped! I ran towards the cliff as soon as it jumped, I looked over the edge, It was falling, but then, it just didn't fade, it just cut off. Strange...Val ran up behind me,
"Okay, that was weird...let's go!" I shook my head,
"Get me a rock." She rolled her eyes,
"Not the time to see how far we can throw things! Let's go Mack!" I post Ed over there,
"Rock now!" She huffed then ran over there, she placed a few rocks in my hand, I threw one, I watched it slowly fade. I threw another one, same thing.
"Mack what are yo-"
"Shush!" I gripped the last rock and threw it towards the middle, it was falling until it just cut off! Val must've saw it too,
"Woah...need more rocks?" I shook my head,
"I need some vines, go cut some off that wall." She nodded and brought back a few vines. I threw on near the laid flattish but half of it was cut off,
"Huh, there must be some invisible hole there." She scratched her head,
"That makes no sense...there's a cliff right here!" It didn't make sense,
"Probably an optical illusion." I thre the rest of the vines near the invisible hole. One fell but oh well.
"We should get back." She laughed,
"Nah I think I'll hang here and get attacked by A mutant freak of nature."
I laughed and we headed back.

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