Chapter 8~ Double Makeover

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"Mom what the heck? We are not getting in anyway possible getting married. And we're not old! Wwhhhyyy would you think that?" I stumble out the words.

"Hey I knew I was sexy!" he poses.

"That's it I'm out!" I wave my hand and walk out of the room.

Man Oliver and Mum are going to get it soon, very soon and it's gonna hit hard.


It's Monday and I skipped school along with my sister who is sick. I couldn't stand being around everyone laughing and even my best friend...Iris. It hurts to even say her name. My mom agreed of course and I just locked myself into my room all day crying at the end of season 5 on Vampire Diaries again, for the 3rd time this month.

I pretty much are all of the food in the whole house in under three hours. I groan, my last Pringles can I throw it on the floor. I'm gonna have to clean this all up in the morning.

I shove all of the empty wrappers and cans into the corner of the room and I flop down on my bed. Me bored, Me want to do something funny. I grab a black marker and hair chalk and I sneak over to my sister's room. I quietly open her door and I tip-toe over to her. I lay the hair chalk pallet on her desk which is surprisingly clean, probably because my mom made her clean it up.

I lift the lid and bright colors of every color. It easily have at least have 20 different shade of each color. I pick the two lightest colors, neon yellow and neon green. I start at her roots with yellow and I make an ombré into green. She shuffles a little and I stop putting my hands in the air with green chalk in hand but she just rolls over onto the other side which I haven't done yet.

I step back and examine my masterpiece. Perfect that's gonna take a while to get out. A perfect present for my sick sister. I take a post-it note write The Dog Did It and I stuck it her head. I tip-toe to my room and fall onto my bed.

I grab my phone, pushing wrappers of chocolate covered pomegranate and Doritos chips. I search on YouTube Joey Graceffa, which is my favorite YouTuber and watch a marathon of his videos.

Right before Meghan (which is another great YouTuber) shoves a pie on Joey's a call comes from a unknown number.

"Who the hell is it?" I say annoyed into the phone.

"Wow, calm down little Amber!" The caller says.

"Wait how do you know my name?" I ask startled.

"Well I guess I have more common sense than you know I do."

"Oh, it's Lemonade isn't it?" I ask boringly.

"The one and only Strawberri. What got you all rallied up?" Oliver asks.

"YOU interrupted me while watching Joey Graceffa!" I exclaim blaming him.

"Well, sorry I just wanted to know if you didn't die from watching to much Pokemon," he says explaining.

"Who told you that?" I ask demanding.

"After you went up into your room after I left from my beautifully made hamburgers I do say myself you Mom told me what was the matter with you," he says, I could almost see him grinning through the call.

"MOM!" I yell covering my hand over the phone, blocking Oliver out from the conversation.

"What is it Amber?" she asks brushing off the crumbs off of her apron a couple minutes later.

"Did you tell Oliver about my Pokemon obsession?" I ask trying to keep my voice down, because Madison is still sleeping with my masterpiece.

"Because he was asking about you and I think him as a part of the family,"

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