Senior year bitches

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Remember me (a Omaha boys  fanfic)

Hi my name is Nikki. and I left the love of my life back in Omaha Nebraska. You wanna know the story? Well here we go.

*Jack G perspective*

Today's the first day of senior year, but I don't give a shit. I'm jack Gilinsky. I thought to myself as I layed in bed. "Jack you need to get up or your going to be late" my mom stuck her head in through the door and looked at me with the eyes of if u don't get up your in trouble. I got up and did all the crap u need to do to get ready. I hop in the car and I'm ready

*Nikki's perspective*
I'm not even nervous. I think but when I stand up i don't know if I wanna go, my thoughts are interrupted by a FaceTime  I look at the screen "SAMMY POP💎❤️"
I quickly answer "hey ugly" he says while he rubs his eyes "right back at you bitch" he laughs. "Wanna twin today?" Your such a girl Samuel" "whatever do u or nah" I laugh. "Wear your UK shirt" I say while holding up mine into the camera. "Alright" he says. "I'll see u at school" while I stick out my tongue and I end the call.
I take a quick shower, grab a pair of Victoria secret leggings put on my sweatshirt and curl my hair. I spray perfume grab my white converse and head downstairs.
"Hey" my older brother jack (J) says "hello" I laugh jack (g) is coming over "great" I mumble. "Come on he's not that bad" "he's a dick" I correct him. He laughs "okay well he's our ride so be nice" he looks at me with serious eyes.  Our stare down was interrupted by the doorbell. "Go get it Jack yells at me" "lazy bitch" I run to the door and jack (g) is with a girl my smile fades. "Hey" he says looking me up and down. "Hi I say staring at the girl" "umm this is Jenna" "hi, I love your hair" she says while smiling. "Hey,umm come in" I texted sam

Me-please take me to school
SAMMY POP💎❤️- okay be there in 5
I look up and jack is staring at me I just ignore it he walks up to me. And just pushes past me. Me and jack have never really gotten along but I don't care as I said before he's a dick sam came dancing through the door "you know this is home when the wifi connects right away baby" he says laughing. "Hey ugly" he says greeting me like everytime we see each other I hug him "hey bitch" he slaps my butt "stop" I yell "wanna go now" "let me go get my stuff" I run upstairs and get my stuff "I'm back" I see jacks tongue down "Jenna's" throat. "Great" I say louder then I expected. "Sorry" he said looking down "let's go sam" I said sounding like a bitch but good thing I'm a boss ass one.

*Sams perspective*
Were at school now. Enhance my excitement but all I can think about is how Nikki acted when she say jack kissing his fuck buddy for the week. Does she like him?

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