The Bombs go da Boom, The Dango Trip, Running, and What?!

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Unknown_Alchemist: hi guys! I'm back! Anyways The Akasuki doesn't belong to me and some of the characters belong to themselves. This is chapter is dedicated to crazyawesomegirl1234. Thank you for voting for my story! Anyways to the story

Alexis's POV:

I was sitting on a chair while reading some Fanfiction. I didn't notice much, just the words on the screen as I went into my reading mode. The words seemed so great in detail, I felt like I was living like the actual character as they were training for a battle that was going to happen in a month. I shook my head. I felt like the character was me 'cause I am training for a war about to happen any moment. Speaking of which, I wonder where the dumb blond is...

"Alexis, un!"I heard Deidara's shout and I fell of my chair, suprised.

I landed on the wooden floor with a thud and a grunt. I glared at Deidara, who was smirking.

"What are you doing, hn?" Deidara asked with a smug look painted on his face.

'Trying so hard not to beat the hell out of you, you dumb blond who's obsessed with exploding things while saying that it's art!' I bitterly thought in my mind.

"Reading Fanfiction" I responded as I got up and went back to my chair.

"Fanfiction?" Deidara asked, confused.

I devilishly grinned,"I'll show you. But let me find one that better suits your taste"

I started typing rapidly looking for that one story that would make Deidara go boom!

"Ah here!" I clicked on it and it went to the story. It was Deidara x Reader.

"Read it" I said, pushing my laptop toward him.

Deidara started reading it with a smirk on his face. While he was reading his expression went from a smug look to a poker face to a confused expression and then to wide eyes with his jaw dropped open, a look of disbelief had colored his face. I smirked at his expression. He still had a shocked expression on his face but he now had a blush.

"What the?! Alexis do you have a crush on me?" Deidara stared at me.

I growled and punched his face.

"No! Never! You annoying blond prick!" I yelled, storming out of the room.

"Ow...I'ma explode you later on...but first..." Deidara groaned with pain.

I tilted my head. First wha-


The explosion came from my room and I zoomed to my room and saw the remains of my laptop scattered on the floor. Deidara had a triumphant look on his face and he glowed with pride. I gave him a death glare.

"DEIDARA! I'M GOING TO MURDER YOU!" I screamed, blazing with anger.

Deidara gulped and ran for it. I tailed after him cursing a blue streak as he started throwing his clay bombs at me.

Sasori was just watching, annoyance in his eyes.

Lyel's POV:

I was eating my dango happily. Itachi was eating his with a satisfied look on his face. Kisame was drinking his tea. We were watching some little kids playing around a field. I let out a small smile. The kids were adorable. Made me wish I was still young.

" have a boyfriend, Lyel?" Kisame asked out of nowhere.

I whipped my head toward him.

"No, sheesh!" I growled, I chomped on the piece of dango I had bitten.

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