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After my mom told my brother and me about my aunt's death we call my cousin which she was going to stay in a orphan house because we were going to move on Saturday.I call Chloe that tomorrow is going to be my last day at my new school and then she tell all of the group. The next morning I go to 1st period and everyone in our groups come and says sorry. In lunch we were all sad especially Chloe because she like becoming one of my best friend. After school Chloe called her mom and asked if she can come over to help me pack up and her mom said "yes". She came over and help me pack up and then she found a picture of my old friends in Oregon and she asked who were they. I told her they were my old friends at my old school.After that Chloe had to leave because she had soccer practice. In Saturday morning Chloe comes over to say goodbye then Lily comes and Chloe said "here come the whore" Lily said that she heard I was moving and she said she was very sorry that she ditch us. We became friends again and also Chloe became friends with her too. After that my dad said we have to leave to the airport and Lily and Chloe give me a goodbye hug. After Alexa leaves Chloe and Lily see that someone came to live at Alexa's house. A boy come out of the car with there parents. Chloe and Lily say hi to them and then they say that they're Alexa family. Then the boy say hi I'm Robert to Chloe and Lily.

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