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"Why does school have to start this damn early." I cursed as I made myself a cup of coffee, my mom chucked as she flipped through the morning news paper.

"How are you up this early every morning?" I groaned, "It's way to early for someone just to 'awake'" she shrugged her shoulders, passing me a banana.

"Eat." She pointed to the banana that made me scrunch up my nose, "Don't you know that I-"

She passed me an apple and smiled, kissing my cheek as she passed by me to go into the living room.

I took a bite of my apple and grabbed my coffee before making my way to my bedroom to get ready for school.

I grabbed a pair of black leggings and a long sleeve nited sweater from Hollister.

Taking out my makeup bag, I applied all the things necessary, and finished with lip balm.

Grabbing my vans from the inside of my closet, I slipped them on and grabbed a jacket.

My mom re-greeted me in the kitchen, I grabbed my car keys and rubbed my dogs head lightly before giving my mom a quick hug.

"Call me if you need anything!" She called as I retied my shoe, "I will." I call back before shutting the garage door.

I hopped into my car and pulled out of the garage, I had to slam on the breaks when I noticed someone standing in the driveway.

I rested my head on the steering wheel trying to re-catch my breath as Anna skipped around my car and knocked on the window.

"What the hell are you doing! You scared he shit out of me." I rested my hand on my heart and she laughed.

"Can you give me a ride to school? Deans car is full," She rolled her eyes, and I looked over to see the a bunch of boys around the neighbour hood getting in the car.

I laughed and nodded, unlocking the passenger door, "Hop in."

She thanked me and hope in my passenger seat, I put the gear back in drive and backed out.

"So I never really asked," I typed the name of the school in my gps, "Are you and Deans like twins?"

She nodded, "He's older by like 20 minutes." She rolled her eyes, "He likes to take that for his own advantage."

I laughed, "Then why don't you have your own car?" she groaned.

"Again, we are twins." I nodded, "So my parents insist us to share everything."

"Everything?" I looked at her and she nodded, "Everything."

"Even your bedroom?" She sighed and nodded, "Even the bedroom,  but I'm going to college after this school year is over so I can deal with 8 more months."

I nodded and she turned up the radio, we drove in silence the rest of the way there.

"Student parking is over there." She pointed towards a small parking lot that looked full.

"Trust me, it's bigger than it looks." I turned into the lot, trying to look for a spot

We passed by a group of kids, as they all laughed, Anna rolled her eyes.

"Always stay away from those guys," I looked through my side mirror, Hayes was leaning on a car, with a girl wrapped up in his arms.

I sighed slightly, and pulled into the next spot available.

"Why don't you guys like them." I looked toward the group that Hayes was standing with, they looked like nice people to me.  

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