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*fast forward to first day of school*

*Callies POV*
So it's 5:50am and I just woke up usually wake up early to get ready and have extra time to check twitter ,Instagram, snapchat..ect.

Anyways I get up and I go to take a shower I then brush my teeth then get ready I go to my closet to get my clothes, I pulled out a sweater shirt that says 5sos on it (I'm like a fan so...) and some jeans

I start To get ready when I hear a buzzzz from my phone I go to check it and get a text from Hunter it's says "good morning princess❤️" I smiled so big and texted back "good morning prince"I laughed while smiling.

I go to my bathroom and I decided to let my hair stay down and I'm not a make-up person. I go down stairs and I didn't eat breakfast I said goodbye to my mom and walked out the door I put on my head phones and played music I downloaded I pressed the app and amnesia by 5sos came on I was humming to it.

I walked to the bus stop and I feel someone grabbed my hand I look to the side and it was hunter I smiled and said I though your mom would take u or something he said "no first day showing with your mom , no really good Idea" I said "truee" we see the bus appear and we get on and see two empty space we walked to the back and sat down together.

The bus took off, and hunter asked what was I listening too? I showed him and it was sweater weather by neighborhood.

me and Hunter were then listening to it together and he grabbed my hand and I did the same we were now holding hands I got tierd and then soon I was leaning on hunters shoulder and he looked down at me and smiled I smiled back.

All of a sudden the bus started smoking and shaking the driver screamed "EVERYONE HOLD ON!!!"

Sorry this is so short!!!!!!
Idk if this is a cliff hanger but I will try and update later today again!!! I hope u guys like it and leave comments I want to read them so bad!!! And I want to know what your thoughts are on this!! ttyl guys lly guys💕✌

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