chapter 1

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When i woke up this Monday morning Realized this is my first anti-bullying awareness at school. I don't know why i had to do it. I guess it was my parents idea to think it would be good for. So then i got up and out of my nice warm bed exhausted. Ohh its so damn comfy. I stripped out of my night clothes and put on my clothes for today. I swear if i got mud on my chinos, i don't know what i would do. I grabbed my backpack laying on the carpet leaning on the door. Then i start heading down the stairs in my 2 story home. As soon as i open the door the aroma attacked my nostrils of my moms French toast,eggs, and bacon. I can hear all the sizzles and the crackles of the food.

When i was half way down the stair.

My mom said "sweetie come eat". I try to think what to reply to her but i just don't. I very do dislike when she calls me sweetie. But right now I'm to tired to say anything. So i went to the table and start eating

Soon enough i finished my French toast, eggs, and bacon. I went to the sink to wash off my plates crumbs. After that i heard the door creaked open then shut. Then outside the kitchen sinks window i saw a movement

The movement belonged to my mom. She walked to the car and open the car door and turned on the engine. So i hurry up and put away my plate and head out the door. I grabed my backpack that was now on the bench picked it up and hunged it over my shoulder. I walked over to the steps if my house and jumped over one out of 3 steps. Then i opened the passenger door of the car and walked in. My mom put in reverse and took off to drop off me at my High School.

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