Chapter 5

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Mike's POV

I need more sleep but if I fall asleep Amazon will do something to wake me up.

A few hours had passed and the Sleeping with Sirens bus pulled up beside ours. I was so excited to see her again, it has been two months.

Kellin's POV

"Where here everyone." I shouted at them. I heard Jack yell Victoria and Jack have become close friends now, I wonder how Mike is going to feel because I remember last time they both meet. "Victoria what the hell are you doing now."

"Nothing." she made me jump she was right behind me.

"Good, now go get your twin to come and say hi the Pierce the Veil." she nodded and ran and got Justin.

"Can I come as well please?" Jack pleaded. I nodded. "Victoria do you want a piggy back."

"Sure. don't drop me." and I saw her do her puppy dog eyes. Jack whispered something but I couldn't hear it.

Well all walked around the bus to get to their bus and knocked on the door. Tony came to the door and invited us in. I was the last person to go in and I saw Tony's face lighten when he saw Victoria, how many people like this girl like Jesus.

I walked in and I saw Vic and ran up to him and hugged him. "Vic I missed you so much, how have you been?"

"Noooooooo my Vicky Poo!" This girl came out of nowhere and tackled me to the floor. "He has a problem with his breathing when he sleeps so I have to take care of him." Vic gave her a disgusted look Tony started full on laughing and so did she. Her laugh was the cutest thing I have ever heard.

"Who are you may I ask?" I asked her politely.

"I am Amazon, my good sir." she said trying to do an English accent. "Tony's sister."

Tony's POV

I let them all in and showed them the lounge. At a point I heard Amazon say that Vic has breathing problems and she has to look after him, I burst out laughing. It took Jack and Victoria a while to get into the lounge because they were messing about. that made me jealous but then I had to put on a happy face not to let it show, but Mike I could tell liked her as well because he let it show. "Jack let me down!" She demanded. He shook his head. "Please, Jack please."

"I said that I will never drop you." he looked up at her with a smirked. When he looked down she got everyone's attention and mouthed 'play along'.

"Jack I don't feel to good. Set me down please." she was really good at acting. Everyone played along and looked sorry for her.

"Ok, ok I'll let you sit down." he set her beside Mike and Jaime.

"Oh and Jack can you get me a bottle of water please." she gave him puppy dog eyes and he walked to the fridge. She turned to Mike very quietly kissed him on the cheek and said that it was nice to see him again she did the Same to Jaime, waved at the others and they waved back she came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said the same thing to me, Jack turned around she was there, she took the bottle, "sucker, you dropped me and now you will never catch me." she ran off the bus with Jack running after, I looked at everyone else.

"Should we go after them?" I asked them all, they all nodded and we were off to find them. We all walked in a huddle then Victoria came up behind Vic and Amazon. "Ok I think I lost him. Vic I see that you have got yourself a girl huh. Wait shit is that Jack back there, Yes it is." she hid in the middle of the huddle. "Justin I need you to knock on that buses door,ok and open it say hello and make sure it is open until I am in. Ok."

"Yes boss, oh wait I should be bossing you around I'm older."

"Yeah, yeah. Just do it." And he walked away towards the bus then I realised the writing on the bus 'Asking Alexandria'.

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