So this is my OC Two Face and he has a personalities so his real name is Aaron(yes I named him after the ex band member of Hollywood Undead)
His personality is Sam.

Two-Face:Ah let's see what can we pick so Jeff what movie?


TF(Two-Face):Sure-NO that looks bullsh*t let's watch Annebelle!!Ugh fine!

Jeff:Sure! *gets pie thrown into face* uh!

Liu:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!SULLY!!!!What?That was f*cking rude like what did Jeff did to you?!Ey Jeff made you look like Frankenstein and I'm just protecting you and by the way he made you Homicidal-YOU MADE ME HOMICIDAL!!

Jeff and Two-Face:-.-

Jeff:Let's just go see Annebelle!

Two-Face:Kk *goes with Jeff*

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