Chapter 9: He's Back!

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Eleanora P.O.V

I wake up and get changed into leather leggings and a sky blue shirt. I pull my boots on and put my hair up in a ponytail. I exit my tent and see Edmund walking towards his tent that he'll share with Peter. Lucy, Susan, and Peter gesture for me to follow him. I hurry towards Ed's tent and stare at the entrance.

"Knock knock." I say.

"Who's there?" Edmund asks jokingly.

"Your girlfriend." I reply with a smile.

"My girlfriend who?" Edmund laughs.

"Your girlfriend who missed you." I say.

"Come in Ellie." He says. I enter the tent and he is sitting on the edge of his bed. I walk over to him and he stands up.

"Go ahead. I know what you're thinking." Edmund sighs. He must think I'm mad at him. Well I am a little bit. But I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face in the crook of his neck.

"Don't scare me like that ever again." I say. He's shocked that I didn't yell at him.

"You aren't mad at me?" He asks curiously. His arms go around my waist.

"A little bit. But I'm too happy that you're back to yell." I reply with a smile. He smiles and kisses the top of my head.

"Will you stay and rest with me?" He asks. I sigh.

"Love, you know I would but I have to help my Dad get the soldiers ready." I reply sadly. He looks at me confused.

"Who's your Dad?" He asks.

"Aslan." I reply.

"Your Dad is a lion. Cool." He chuckles. I smile. I pull away from Edmund then peck his cheek.

"Get some rest. I'll see you later." I say. He lays down and I go to leave.

"I love you, Ellie." Edmund says. I freeze and look at him again.

"I love you too, Edmund." I reply softly. He smiles at me. I smile back. I leave the tent and go to help Dad with the soldiers. I hand out armor and weapons to everyone. It was a long process but I'm finally done.

"Eleanora. Would you like to teach the archers while Oreius teaches the swordsmen?" Dad asks.

"Sounds like fun. They're in good hands, Dad." I say. I look at the soldiers.

"If you are using a melee weapon follow Oreius to the green fields to the east of camp. If you are using archery of any long ranges weapons follow me." I call. Ten fauns and eleven female centaurs follow me to the archery range. Susan and Lucy come as well. Peter went with Oreius.

"If you're teaching us. What's your rank and skill? If you're any better than the rest of us." A centaur says. I take my bow and notch an arrow in place. I pull the string back and then release it. The arrow hits dead center of the target.

"I am Lady Eleanora, Warrior of Narnia. Daughter of Aslan." I reply strongly. Lucy and Susan gape at each other. "Let's get started shall we?"

Everyone nods excitedly. I begin by showing how they should hold their weapons. Then I have them either pull the string back on their bow, poise themselves to throw a spear, or get ready to throw a knife. Then I have them release their weapons. The two closest were Susan and Lucy. Lucy hit the center right away. Susan shot an arrow two inches away from Lucy's knife. This'll be harder than I thought.

"Good job. Continue practicing and we'll see how you've improved tomorrow. Lucy and Susan can help you if you need it. They have no problem with their weapons. I have other things to take care of. Remember to focus. I'll be with Edmund." I say. I hurry to Ed's tent and wait at the entrance.

"Knock knock." I say.

"Who's there?" Edmund asks.

"Yours." I say with a smile.

"My who?" Edmund laughs.

"Yours forever." I reply. I enter the tent and kick my boots off. He scoots over and pulls the blankets down. I lay beside him and he pulls the blankets over us. He wraps his arms around my waist and I snuggle into him. He kisses my forehead and I start to fall asleep.

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