Rotten to the Core (Dynamic Duets)

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(If you see the song, swipe to see the outfit, I worked hella hard on it)

I walked into school the next day and I felt fantastic, I strutted down the hallway and made everyone's head turn.  And I know why too, my hair was gone.

It was now in a bob, and dark green.  Also I wore my costume in spirit of the superhero mania, only I was dressed not as a hero.

But as a female version of the super villain with one of the highest IQ's to exist, Lex Luthor

I walked to Bella's locker to see her dressed like another infamous villain, a knock off of Miss Harley Quinn,

"Hey girl," I said, she looked up at me and blew her gum into a bubble, popped it, then smirked.

"Hey," she said, then she nodded to my head, "Wig?"

"Nope, it's all gone, this is what's left" I said, as I was saying this, Talia, Mitch and Cas come up all dressed up accordingly.

Mitch was a knock off version of Loki,

Cas was a black and white version of Cheetah

And Talia was a much more fashionable version of Killer Frost

"Wait, forreal?" Talia said in total suprise,

"What?" I asked, "You guys not like it or something?" I asked as I touched it.

"No, that not it," Cas said as she stepped forward looking at it closer, "It's just, different that's all."

"Well I think she looks hot," Mitch said, I smiled at him, "And while we are on the subject of hot, can we just talk about Cas's outfit for a minute?"

"Wait yeah, seriously, this is totally different than the usual Cas outfit of all black." I said, "And it's totally killer by the way."

"Yeah well our alter ego is supposed to be who we want to be right?" She said, we nodded, "Well then, just call me Feline Fierce, and my superpowers are being able to detect bullshit from a mile away and cartwheels." I nodded, smiling.

"I'm Wild Card," Bella said as she popped her gum again, "and my superpower is being a real bitch,"

"Um, ok, so my alter ego is Killer Heels, and my superpower is my incredible sense of fashion." Ok that was clever, I approve.

"I guess I'm next," Mitch said, "I'm Tenor, and I only date a Ten-or higher," I actually laughed at that one

"Ok well then, I'm Lexi Uther," I said, "and my power is heightened strength and smarts." I looked at them all and smiled, "Well alright gang," Bella hoisted her checkered guitar over her shoulder, I gave a devious smirk, "Let's wreak some havoc,"

The music started, and the five of us ran down the hallway pushing people out of the way and having a good time,

Pres: They say I'm trouble
They say I'm bad
They say I'm evil
And that makes me glad

Mitch: A dirty no-good
Down to the bone
Your worst nightmare
Can't take me home

Bella: So I've got some mischief
In my blood
Can you blame me?
I never got no love

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