Johnlock Text 2

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AN: Okay two things...
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John: Sherlock, where's my favorite pair of shoes? I can't find them anywhere.

Sherlock: Umm... about that...

John: Sherlock! What did you do with my shoes!?

Sherlock: I needed them for something and they... umm... kinda got completely demolished.

John: What the hell did you need my shoes for!?

Sherlock: ... Science, John.

John: Sherlock, I bloody hate you!

Sherlock: Then why do you shower me in constant "I love you"s?

John: ...

John: Jesus christ! I don't know why anymore.

Sherlock: So you don't love me anymore?!

John: Yes, of course I love you but you are so complicated.

Sherlock: Ha! I knew you loved me!

John: Ya ya whatever.


Sherlock: John, I need you for something.

*no response*

Sherlock: Jawn! Come here!

John: Sorry, I was doing something what do you need?

Sherlock: I need something from you. Something very important.

John: What do you want from me?!

Sherlock: I need a kiss.

John: Good god, you are such an idiot. I'm busy at the moment so I'll give you one when I get back.

Sherlock: But I need one now!

*no response*

Sherlock: JAWN!

John: Hold on!

Sherlock: I want my kiss!

John: Fine I'm on my way back. Happy?

Sherlock: Very


John: Sherlock, I love you.

Sherlock: I love you too. Why did you feel the need to tell me that at this very moment?

John: I just did.

Sherlock: Thats always your response.

John: I tell you because it's true! I feel like I need to tell you all the time.

Sherlock: And you do.

John: Yes I do.

Sherlock: Well maybe I need to tell you more often as well. I love you, John.

John: Thank you, Sherlock. I love you too.


John: What the hell was that?!

Sherlock: A banana.

John: A banana?!

Sherlock: Yes that is exactly what I typed.

John: What did you do? Set it on fire?!

Sherlock: If I set it on fire it wouldn't have exploded completely. I was experimenting with it and I made a slight mess.

John: Slight?

Sherlock: There's banana all over the kitchen.

John: Thats what I thought. Do you need help cleaning it up?

Sherlock: ... Yes.

John: Alright, here I come.


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