Baby Mama Drama

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As first period let out the halls became filled with students. Toya and I was getting congratulated by everyone as we walked down the hall. We was feeling ourselves, but it was obvious we would be nominated.

We head to our lockers in excitement. "Girl can you believe it's almost over? We been here for four years, we graduate in two months" I say to Toya as I unlocked my locker. I look at her and realize she wasn't even paying attention to me. I turned to see what everyone was catching everyone's attentions. It was Cassie Thomas and Sean arguing.

They do this every day, she won't just leave him alone. Everyone knows about Cassie and Sean's relationship. They used to go out last year, but Cassie cheated on Sean with some boy named Dante. Then she got pregnant and didn't know whether Sean was the father or if Dante was. Dante was some neighborhood boy who sold drugs and partied all the time. He barely showed up to school. SCRATCH THAT ! He never came to school. Dante got locked up during the summer, ever since Cassie been doing everything to get back with Sean. Sean just don't want her.

Sean soon gives up arguing and walks away from Cassie. I rolled my eyes at her and turn back to my locker. "They do this everyday why can't she just leave him alone?" I say in disgust.

"I don't know girl but she devil coming your way" Toya said to me.

Confused about what she was talking bout I look up and see Cassie walking my way with her minions Chassity and Tasia. In my head Im thinking what could this bitch want with me.

"So you talking to my man now Keisha?" Cassie asks placing her hands on her hips.

"Girl you should have knew not to even try and do this to yourself" I laugh . "He's not your man and if he is tell him to stop waiting by the entrance everyday for me to enter school to ask me the same question everyday 'can I be his shorty'" I shut my locker and observe the scene that's beginning to be noticed.

"Excuse you bitch?" She yell.

I blackout.


Next thing you know I'm in Principal Hawthorne's office getting suspended.

As I exit the office I see Cassie sitting in the chair waiting to be called into the office to hear her consequences. She's holding a bag of ice on the black eye I gave her and she also had a busted lip. I don't regret shit she should have never called me bitch.

"Bitch this ain't over" she whispers. She stood and walks into the office. The door closes.


After School,

"Yo girl why you deck ol' girl like that" Toya ask.

"She called me bitch Im sick of her acting like she run the school." I say pushing the door to Freda's Diner. Everyone's so scared to say something to her because she gets locked up so much for fighting. Not me my mama taught me to never let no bitch try and down you or disrespect you.

"At least I got a vacation for the next week" I laugh. We ask Mama Freda for two burger plates, and found an empty table in the corner.

Growing up Mama Freda loved me and Toya. She was like a second mother to us. She was there our whole lives. She's getting old and as much as she don't want to admit it, we know she's sick.

Freda places our plates in front of us. "Hey babies how was school today?" She ask.

"Hey Mama Freda" we say in unison.

"Kiki baby why you got scratches on that pretty little face of yours?" She ask in Curiosity as she grasps my face to examine the battle wounds.

"I got into a fight with Cassie Mama Freda" I say in pity , putting my head down. No matter how old I am it always kills me to disappoint her.

She puts her hand on her hip. "Oh baby pick your head up, everyone know that girl is a pain, but you let people like that talk, they aren't worth your precious time." She turns to Toya. "Hey baby how's your mama?" She ask Toya.

"She good Mama Freda" Toya say. Freda walks away and continues taking orders.

"Girl everyone's talking bout you beating Cassie ass today" Toya bit into her fries.

"️Ion care she started popping her gums, so I popped her" I laugh. "Why everyone keep telling me Sean asked bout me? What's that boy want?" I ask her.

"Girl he's on your back, everyone told him how you beat up Cassie! No one beats her up, he likes you" Toya whispers.

All I can think now is why me? I can't stand that nigga he's a drug selling, street kid. He don't learn in school, I never knew the real reason he came to school. Or how he made it to senior year.

But I can say one thing that boy was fine. Nice smooth brown skin, chest covered in tattoos, perfect juicy lips, and nice big brown eyes to top it off. I had a crush on him since sophomore year. The only reason I won't give him a chance is because I don't wanna get into any drama. There's something behind why he's the way he is now. He's not the same freshman Sean. He's much more than that. After that summer Dante got locked up he changed.


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