Emergency Surgery

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After a few more moments...my leg was revealed, I swear I damn near passed out, my leg was ugly as shit... I had pins and rods and screws everywhere! It was black and blue...more black then anything! I say Doc is it supposed to look like this? He says uhh it's healing well but let's take a look...he calls a nurse in and they stepped out into the hallway...

The returned and said we have some bad news... I reply and said any good news? He says I'm afraid not! I said what is it? He says you have some infection in your leg that's what's causing this discoloration in your leg! We have to do surgery immediately! I ask like when? He says the sooner the better...

I looked towards the girls and they had a look on there face like come on...I said okay let me make a few calls and we can do it today!!

I call Man... He picks up the phone and says babe I'm sorry! I say it's okay. I'm having emergency surgery on my leg today its infected...he says I'll be there waiting on you! I said okay. He replied saying I love you! I said I love you too! *sighs* he said everything will be okay baby! I say I hope so! See you soon...

I texted Dee and say
I'm having surgery in my leg! 😩
He replies and say what why? I said its infected I gotta go get prep for surgery! He says okay I'll be there... Love you!

I didn't think about it till after the fact that I told Man & Dee! Oh lord they both gon be here. Shit all hell is gonna break lose! I told Lola text everybody and tell them about my surgery!

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