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What my dad did to Jonas paled in comparison to what he did to Wyatt. He decorated all of the house with some kind of weird hunter theme. We entered and encountered a bear rug. Then we go in the living room to see at least four deer mounts on the wall and standing mounts too. There was a wolf and a coyote and a fox and plenty of others. Then he had all of his duck calls out in a row. He hung several ducks from the ceiling. I was honestly disturbed. How my dad managed to do this was unknown to me. hE must have made some friends in my absence.

"So son, do you like to hunt?" Wyatt's face was priceless. He seemed like he was trying to come up with an answer.

"Well, sir, I have never been on a hunt so I can't really say if I would enjoy it."

"Well that's a good answer. The last boy Suzette dated didn't know how to hunt. He almost shot himself in the foot. Do you know how to shoot?"

"No sir, but I'm sure I could learn."

"Interesting. So where did you decide to take my daughter today?"

"I took her to the park for some ice cream, sir."

"What happened in this park today?"

"There were a few people there but the two of us decided to go back to our childhoods and go on the playground. We went on the swings and the merry go round and the slide.Then after we got tired, we went to Jen's ice cream parlor. It's a short alk from the park and Suzette got the lobster." He finished his summary in one breath and looked at my father. He was hesitant but I could see my father was starting to crumble. He knew how immature I was and how much I loved ice cream. It was a perfect date for me and Wyatt had taken me on it.

"You didn't ask my permission though...I don't like that." I chose to interject at this point.

"Um shouldn't he have to ask MY permission. Why does he need your permission? Is mine not enough?" My argumentative side was starting to come out."

"Of course it means something honey but only a fraction of what my permission means." He turns to Wyatt while I look at my father in disbelief. He was going to get it as soon as Wyatt was gone.

"So son, why did you decide to forgo my permission before taking her on this date?"

"Well sir, I wanted to make sure she would like me before I came to meet you. Also I was so eager to take her on this date. I thought it would be better if I met you after the date."

"Hmm."He then turns to me.

"Did you have fun on this date?"

"I did. I loved the lobster tracks they had. It was amazing and the merry go round was so much fun/. I had a great time dad." He turned back to Wyatt.

"Thank you for taking her out on a nice date but next time, come here first. I want to know what my daughter is doing ahead of time. Anyway, BOYS YOU CAN TAKE THE STUFF AWAY!" A few men come in adn start to take the foreign things out of my living room. Thank goodness. I thought my father went into a store and just went "Buy anything that would drive my daughter crazy". Wyatt seems relieved and my dad luaghs.

"Any guy that can find Suzette's perfect date and bring it to life has my blessing. I just want my baby girl to have a good time." Aww. My dad is a total softie when it comes to me.

"Thanks dad." I give a hug. His face lights up and he hugs me then disappears.

"W ell that experience."I snort.

"An experience? That was fudging embarrassing!"

"That would be the truth."

"Hey at least I am trying to be protective." My dad says from the kitchen.

"Protective would be saying to have me back by ten. Not redecorating our house!"

"Aw but where's the fun in that?"

"That's the point. There is supposed to be no fun."

"Ok whatever. Do you wanna stay for dinner Wyatt?" My dad offers sincerely even though I bet we are having venison.

"No thanks sir. I have to go home to my mother. She is probably worried as well. Thank you though. I hope I cane be truste to accompany your daughter again." With that he walks out to his car and drives away.

"Dad! Why did you do that?"

"Well after Jonas I had to be sure that he would be good for you. I like that boy."

"Glad you approve," I tell him sarcastically. He chuckles and dishes out food. Well I guess that went well...

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