Danielles POV*


What the hell just happened? Why would harry do that?

"shh, its OK" I whisper lightly to Joseph and Maryanne.

They both rubbed their eyes with their small fists. Signaling that they are tired.

"Do you want to go to bed?" i ask them. They nod so i pick them up, each one on my sides. I made my way over the glass, stepping around it very carefully. I made it to the top of the stairs and open the door to the pink and dark blue room that they share. I tuck them both in carefully then walked downstairs again. I start to pick up the pieces of glass, when i feel a sudden sharp pain coming from under my foot. I scream in pain, falling backwards onto the floor. shit. Why does it hurt so bad?I lift my foot up, turning it from the side a bit, blood was running down my foot furiously. I look closer and see a medium sized piece of glass stuck halfway in my foot.

"HARRY!" I yell out loud. My head started to get very light headed. White flashed in my eyes before everything went completely black.


When i wake up, i feel a pain coming from my foot. What happened? I bring my hand up to my aching head. I blink a couple times before recognizing my bedroom. "Harry?" I yell through the room. A sudden movement moves from the side of the room and i see harry's head pop out from the side of the bathroom door. "Hey. You feeling better?" He asks, walking out of the bathroom, there was blood on his white shirt and i gasp lightly, bringing my hand up to my mouth.

"Harry what the hell happened?" I try to move my legs but groan at the pain from my foot.

"You stepped on some glass. So, i took it out and stitched up your foot." i furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"But you don't know how"

"Yeah. Before Evelyn was born i took some medical classes in case something happened to her. They taught me how to stitch there"

I nod, looking down at my lap.

"Harry. What happened?"

"I told you what happened."

"No, i mean before you crashed the vase" I see his green eyes disappear from mine and i frown slightly. My hand reaches over beside me and i pat it gently, signaling him to sit there.

He does what i say and sit next to me. Grabbing my hand.

I have a weird feeling something bad is coming.

"Tyler is getting bullied. And he asked me what the word gay was. These things were going through my head that maybe, that's what it is. Maybe Tyler is gay. But i don't know"

"That's why you were mad?" I rub small circles on his hand.

"Can you tell Tyler to come here please. I want to talk to him. alone" I clarify. He nods and disappears from the room a couple of moments. Tyler's head pops out of the side of the door and reminds me of harry.

"Hey baby." I say sweetly, i signal him to sit where harry had been previously sitting in.

"Hey mom" He reply's back. and i ache at the words he has finally said to me.

His eyes start to water and i then suddenly feel arms wrapped around my neck in a strong entrancement.

"Shhh. Its okay" I rub small circles on his back.

"But its only okay when its not you that's getting bullied." He whispers lightly. Meant for me not to hear.

"Tyler honey. Come here. stop crying love" I pull hi away and wipe his tears away.

"Whats wrong?" I ask. knowing that this is about to blow up in my face.

"The kids at school have been bullying me. They push my around, call me names, take my lunch food. Mom they don't stop"

"Yeah. I actually know how it feels." I reply with that.

"Some of them call me ugly." He looks down at the ground and i lift his head up.

"Beauty and ugliness surrounds us everywhere. Only you decide what you see"

"Mom, whats gay? I tried to ask dad, but he got really mad and now you edned up with stitches"

"Tyler, its not your fault."

"They call me gay all the time"

"Love, gay is when a person are attracted to their same gender. For example, boys like girls, but gay people are different. But they aren't different, They just love different people, its still love either way." I try to reply with the simplest answer, trying not to get into detail.

"So, you mean like, if boys like boys?" He replied after in deep thought

I nod swiftly, grabbing his hands and bringing them up to my lips, kissing them lightly.

"If you ever have any sort of feelings related to this, you immediately come to me. Comprende?" I give him a soft smile. He nods and looks down.

"I love you mommy. thank you so much" and what he does next completely blows my mind. He kisses my cheek, AND hugs me! lord, this is amazing.

"We cant count how many stars there are in the sky, so i cant express how much i love you Tyler. Now go on, and go to bed early, its getting late."

He nods and started to make his way towards the door.

"OH! and remeber, true love is putting someone else before yourself" I smile at his quote from frozen so i scan through my screwed up head and reply with a smiple:

"Some have to be melting for"



I know! its really short, blah blah blah. But ive been having rehersals for beauty and the beast and i get out of school at 5 so ya. Anyways, im thinking to skip 3 years. Would that be bad? I feel like it would be more interesting with evelyn and Tyler a but older.

Comment what you think!

Stay beautiful, gorgeous. <3

-V xoxo

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