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                             Masky's ( POV )

           As I starred at Toby's beautiful, marvelous face I felt my cheeks heat up to about 100 degrees. I knew it was noticeable because during the breath taking hug I removed my mask. For some reason I felt safe in Toby's arms like I could trust him with even my most deepest, darkest secrets. While in my thoughts I felt something cold and soft press against my lips. ' Toby's kissing me ' I though to myself. I slowly melted into the passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around Toby's neck to deepen the kiss. His soft tongue slowly grazed my bottom lip asking for an entrance. I happily granted it as I opened my mouth a bit , Toby took no time to stick his younger in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance but Toby's obviously won. His tongue explored every inch of my wet Cavern , claiming it as his own. We both pulled away I gasped for air as so did Toby , he had a small smirk plastered on his face. “ Wow ” I managed to choke out between deep breaths. “ M-masky ? ” Toby said blushing a bit while playing with the hem of his shirt cutely. “ Yes Toby ? ” I said tucking a short strain of almond colored hair behind my ear shyly. “ I t-think I l-love you ” Toby rubbed the back of his head looking at everything in the room except for me. Those words made the heart beat a million times faster. I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip softly gazing at Toby.

“ I love you to Rodgers ” I smiled and rubbed our noses together giggling softly. He leaned back and cupped one of my lightly tinted cheeks stroking it softly with his thumb. “ Well my love , will you do me the honors of being my boyfriend? ” He said softly gazing into my aquamarine colored orbs. I bit my lip softly and nodded slowly hugging him and whispering into his ear “ Yes Rodgers , Yes ” . He wrapped his arms around my waisted and squeezed me tightly. I took in the scent of him , he smelled of pine cones and waffles I completely adored that about him. I exhaled softly closing my eyes thinking to myself. ‘ Finally , I have something else to look forward to in the morning other than cheesecake ’

                                  - time skip.‹33

     Me and Toby sat on the comfy couch hand in hand. “ So you guys are a couple ? ” Ben said smiling at me and Toby. I simply nodded my head looking at Toby who was smiling widely. Ben seemed completely fine with it , he took it better then the rest of the Creepy Pasta group. Jeff mocked us , Hoodie cried , EJ laughed at us , Slendy was ashamed and the rest of the Creepy Pasta's either laughed or sighed. I really didn't care what they thought , as long as me and Toby were happy. “ I'm going to call you guys Ticci Mask , cause it's cute ” Ben chuckled smiling at us. Toby blushed a bit looking down at his feet and I nodded and blushed a little as well. “ Well I'm gonna go watch Attack on Titan See you ” Ben said getting up and walking up the stairs. “ Bye Ben ” I said softly waving at him. Toby snuck a soft , gentle kiss on my cheek and I blushed madly. I really was happy to have someone like Toby in my life he was sweet, funny, out going and enthusiastic. I turned to him and played in his hair softly. I gasped when Toby pulled me onto his lap and began to kiss down my neck. “ T-toby? ” I said moaning softly. I felt his smirk against my neck “ Yes my darling ? ” he whispered proceeding to kiss my neck. I opened my mouth to say something but instead out can a loud moan ad Toby found my sweet spot and began to aggressively but lovingly abuse it. “ P-please s-stop teasing ” I said biting my lip as I felt Toby's hand graze my thigh.

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