Chapter 26

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A/N - during the first scene where Peter and derek are being tortured they say they don't know any she-wolf, obviously the she wolf they want isn't Ira but derek thinks it is therefore is protecting her that's all I want to change with that scene anyways back to beacon hills...
Ira's PoV
I didn't sleep the whole night, the nerves caught me on edge and I bit my nails down to the skin.
Stiles didn't return with his father until the early hours of the morning.
"What'd you find?" I jump to my feet, stiles rubs his face with his hands sleepily.
"Malia is a were coyote, we're pretty sure. We found her cave but she won't return since our scent is all over it, now Scott's dad is also evolved and looking for a nine year olds bones which aren't there. All is left to do now is find out if the coyote really is Malia" stiles explain briefly, I smile a small smile.
"Another shape shifter like me?" I ask,
"Yeah but instead of a wolf, a coyote" stiles informs me which causes me to smile wider.
"We have to find this girl" I squeeze stiles in an embrace before managing to get some sleep.
In the morning, stiles shows me on his tablet the pin point of where Malia's den was.
"So what she has to be around that area?" I suggest,
"That's what I think, Scott and I are going to talk to Allison before class to make sure" stiles explains as we enter his jeep.
"Okay, well I'll see you during class and you can update me okay?" I wink, stiles nods his head.
We arrive then head off in different directions.
First of all I had biology then history was second period, and just my luck I stumbled into the class late.
"Nice of you to join us, Ira" he says flatly, I sit down a couple seats behind Kira. "Anyway back to what we were talking about, who would like to come up and read aloud for us?" Mr yukimura asks. "Mr Stilinski, how about you?" He smiles at stiles.
If Stiles has been struggling with reading how is he supposed to read allowed in front of the class?
"Eh...urm...maybe someone else could?" Stiles objects.
"Everyone participates in my class Mr Stilinski" Mr yukimura warns stiles.
Stiles slowly arises and walks to the front of the classroom to
I watch stiles focus on the page, his grip tightens and he starts to sweat.
Come on, stiles, you can do it.
He looks up at all of us, I throw my pencil at Scott to gain his attention.
"Stiles you okay?" Scott asks as he slowly walks towards him.
I jump from my seat and rush forward grabbing stiles's arm as he starts to fall ever so slightly.
"I should take him to the nurses office" Scott looks over at Mr yukimura, he nods however as we both start to lead him away I get stopped.
"Not you, Miss Salvador, I'm sure they don't need you to tag along" I let the boys go ahead before arguing.
"I'm practically family" I raise my voice possessively,
"Sit down, Miss Salvador" he snaps, I sluggishly slouch in my seat.
Goosebumps prickle on my arms as I tap my foot impatiently.
When the bell goes I snatch up my bag before sprinting following stiles's scent.
I enter the nurses office,
"It's okay, Ira, It was a just a panic attack, I'm fine now" stiles assures me, I sit beside him and shake my head.
"But you're not fine, none of you are" I argue, stiles sits in silence, I take hold of his hand and rub my thumb over his knuckles.
"I'm losing my mind" stiles whispers, I squeeze his hand,
"No you're not, its a phase, let's look at it that way" I wink. stiles smirks.
"Thanks" he murmurs.
"I'll see you in the cafeteria I got to grab some things from my locker, don't hesitate to text me if you need me" I send stiles a warm smile then walk to the other end of the school to my locker.
Next thing I know I hear that a coyote, also known as Malia, got into the school and tried to attack Kira.
Fortunately she got away before animal patrol could snatch her up.
I manage to make my way back to where I left stiles to see his dad walking with him. I wait around the corner and eaves drop in their conversation.
"...And what if she does hurt someone" stiles asks
"Most likely they'll have to put it down" sheriff Stilinski sighs, as he walks.
"Put her down! Dad, try not to forget there's a girl in there! One that you'll be killing" Stiles corrects him then reminds him that the coyote is in fact Malia. "come on, you aren't back to not believing are you?" Stiles trails behind his father until they come to the end of the hallway. I notice Scott walk out into the hall and look down at stiles.
"You know what? I believe there are a lot of things I don't understand yet. but that doesn't mean that everything and anything imaginable is suddenly possible. Now are you 100% sure that this is a girl and not an animal?" sheriff lowers his voice to a whisper.
"Yes" stiles says quietly yet with assurance for his belief. "Because Ira is a shape shifter proving that malia could be one too, and Scott's as sure as we all are" stiles turns his head to gesture Scott has been listening. "Scott, you been listening?" Stiles asks with his back turned to Scott.
I watch Scott as he nods his head twice.
"Right let's get this figured out" sheriff Stilinski takes stiles by the shoulder ushering him his way.
I strut to Scott.
"Are we going with them?" I cock my eyebrow.
"No, I'm going to check on Kira, you should get some lunch" Scott looks in the direction of where Kira is.
"Oh okay then have fun" I smirk before walking towards the cafeteria then nibbling on a small muffin.
We had to continue lessons as usual until the finishing bell went, we all made our way to animal clinic to see if Deaten can help us at all.
Scott informs him that we need to catch Malia and quickly.
"If you're looking for something to take Malia down swiftly then I suggest tranquillising her, I could give you some tranquillisers but someone would have to shoot her with them" deaton walks to his cabinet and pulls out three small bottles whilst Scott texts Allison.
"This is Xylazine a tranquilizer for horses, for a were-coyote expected to work in seconds; I only have three so whoever's shooting needs to be a damn good shot" deaton explains.
"Allison's a perfect shot" Scott brings that up,
"Well, she used to be"Isaac disagrees, although he's kind of right.
"She can do it" Scott assures Isaac,
"If we manage to find the thing" Isaac reminds Scott that Malia is hard to find.
"Okay what is the point of him?" Stiles points at Isaac. "Seriously what is his purpose besides the constant negativity and the scarf, what's with the scarf anyway its sixty five degrees out" stiles rants on about Isaac.
"Look maybe I'm asking the question here no one wants to ask..." Isaac questions, I interrupt him by asking what no one wants to ask.
"How do we get the were-coyote to turn back into a girl when she hasn't been a girl for eight years?" I speak up. Everyone looks at me.
"Like you do, surely you can show her Ira, you do, do it every time you shape shift" Scott suggests.
"Woah, woah! I can't do that? I don't even know how I do it myself I just think about it I can't really tell her to think about being a girl!" I reject that idea.
"Okay, then I'll do it myself" Scott nods.
"You will? How?" Stiles furrows his eyebrows in confusion.
"Remember the night that Peter attacked us in school, in the gym he was able to make him turn by using just his voice, Deucalion did the same thing in the distillery." Scott explains,
"This is a werecoyote Scott, who knows it will even work if we find someone who can teach you?" Deaton reasons with Scott
"That's why you called Derek first" stiles realises.
"Wait, you called derek? He blocked my number, did he answer you?" I block out everything and focus on derek now.
"Yeah I called him but no he didn't answer" Scott sighs. My heart sinks and my mind returns to our situation.
"So now what?" Isaac asks.
"I can try it on my own" Scott says with a slight confidence. "but right now I'm too scared to even change into just a werewolf." Scott's confidence fades.
"We need a real alpha, an alpha that can do alpha things and not be worried of losing control" I murmur.
"Alright I get it I'm an alpha with performance issues" Scott sugarcoats his way of putting it.
"Is there any others beside Derek who could help?" Deaton asks.
"I wouldn't trust Peter" Isaac quickly says before anything of us can even think.
"Maybe the twins?" Stiles suggest,
"There not alphas anymore after what Jennifer did almost killing them it broke that part of them." Deaten explains.
"Yeah but they could still know how to do it" I shrug my shoulders,
"Nobody's Seen them for weeks" Scott mutters whilst he thinks.
"That's not true" I bite my lip,
"The past few weeks I've been going round Derek's and a couple weeks back I noticed someone moved in, ethan and Aiden are both living there at the moment" I explain.
"Alright, then tonight we'll go and see them, ask them if they know anything" Scott places his hands down on the table, figuratively.
"You can, I'm not. Last time I was there they told me not to come back because they wanted some time alone or whatever but then again they also told me not to tell any of you guys that they're there" I grab my bag off the floor and walk out the door.
"Oh tell them that it's not they're property and as soon as Derek's back they Wolfy asses will be out on the street, I mean they're good guys but they need a reality check" I chuckle as I walk to the front door.
"Will derek even be coming back?"
Stiles whispers.
I use my wolf speed to reenter the room startling everyone.
"He will." I growl before dragging myself home.
I spend my free time by studying, completing homework then spending time at the station.
"Hey sheriff" I sit down in front of his desk as he works.
"Hey ira, any particular reason you're sitting in my office and not with you're friend?" He asks me.
"Eh, they're doing boring things I'm just waiting for a text from stiles for when they actually need me"
I mumble the last part, sheriff Stilinski nods his head not looking up from his work.
I look across through the window to see agent McCall. Scott's dad.
"Scott's dad is kind of an asshole" I mention, sheriff chuckles under his breath and nods his head.
"Well it's not my place to say yet the boot fits" he says jokily, I smile amusingly. "Do you really think Malia can change back into a girl?" Sheriff finally places his pen down then looks up at me.
I look him in the eyes.
"Possibly, we are doing more than everything to try and get Malia then we will find a way to change her back, I know it. I trust the boys, and hopefully our plan will work" I say honestly, he sighs a tiring sigh and nods his head.
"Yeah, hopefully" he returns to his work just as I receive a text from Scott telling me to meet him and everyone else.
I shift and run to the designated area of where we are to meet when I arrive I shift back, I look around at everyone wearily.
"Does anyone else think we may be doing more harm than good?" Lydia breaks the silence.
"We're trying to keep a father from killing his own daughter" Scott argues,
"Actually we're trying to keep a guy from killing a coyote who is actually he's daughter who we don't know how to change back to his daughter, but..." Isaac corrects Scott. I send him a flat look of really?
"And again with the not helping" stiles looks over at Isaac.
Before anymore can be said from the two boys Scott turns to ask Allison if she brought her tranquilizer gun.
Allison pulls out her gun.
Scott goes over the plan of how we are to track her down and plant the tranquilizer into her, he explains everything until a gun shot goes off in the distance.
Scott mounts his bike with Isaac following in a fast run, my instinct kicks in to follow. Stiles pleads us to wait but we are already to far gone to stop.
I leap onto the back of his bike whilst Isaac and Allison split away from us.
"We need to try and get her before her dad does!" Scott muffles through his helmet.
"I know, when we spot her I'll shift and chase after her, I'll either herd her to you or Allison" I shout so he can hear in his helmet. Scott puts up a thumb.
All of a sudden a scream sends chills down my back and pierces my mind, Scott falls off his bike and I jump from my seat.
"It's Isaac" I wince as I hold my ears,
"I need to see what's happened" Scott throws off his helmet.
"Go I'll find Malia, and her father if Allison and Isaac haven't" I demand, I inhale a deep breath and link onto her scent, I only smell a hint of Allison and Isaac mixed which means they're all together and close by.
I shift and sprint, I notice Allison aiming the tranquilizer at Malia's father.
I make eye contact with Malia, her blue eyes glow and I reveal mine exact the same.
I watch her father fall to the ground, I chase after the fleeing coyote.
I chase her, fortunately I'm larger and faster in size.
I almost catch her tail with my teeth but she bolts off to the right, I skid as I turn.
We both arrive at the car reck, I notice Scott right on top of us.
He leaps and lands in front of us, Malia growls warning him away. I make sure I stay behind her so she doesn't run off.
Scott lets out an almighty roar, I stumble backwards ever so slightly and his roar causes both Malia and myself to shift back to human.
I pull off my t-shirt and jeans and hand them to her before shifting back into a wolf.
I watch her in fascination as he admires her human form, Scott rings stiles whom rings his dad.
I get my clothes back when he arrives with clothes for her, we all drive to the tates residents after an hour or so of talking and sussing everything well most things out. Malia got a shower and we even managed a few words out of her.
I sit in the back seat and place my hand on stiles's shoulder, he places his hand over mind and squeezes it.
I smile as the family is reunited.
"Hey, looks like you're dads keeping his job" I wink, stiles smiles and nods his head.
"Yeah, he's still the sheriff after this"

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