Wandering Hands.

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You and Matt had been working on a song together for months. You are one of the three or four people who help the band write songs, but this one seemed to be taking forever. You only needed one more song to finish the new album and then you could get paid and get the fuck out of this endless cycle of coffee, working in the studio and more coffee. It's now a Friday night, the rest of the band and the producers have completely given up, but you and Matt are still at the studio, at 11pm, trying to come up with something. Usually, he writes the music and you come up with the lyrics between you both, but his mind is blank and you can't write anything without him.
"Matt... Please, just bloody tap out a tune on the piano or something and I will throw some random words at it so we can give this up." You whine.
"Y/n, we can't just do that, this is my fucking album!" He snaps and you raise your hands in a sarcastic defeat. "I don't know what more you want me to do." You say and stand up, starting to pace the room a little.
"We need something for inspiration." You say and he nods.
"I completely agree." He says, standing up and coming up behind you. You suddenly feel one muscular arm lace around your waist and press your hips back into his, the other arm strapping across your neck and holding onto your shoulders, restraining but not choking you. You can feel his hot, heavy breath on the side of your neck.
"Matt... What are y-." Matt cuts you off. "Shhh..." He whispers seductively into your ear, biting your earlobe playfully. You can feel him grinning down at you as the hand around your body trails down your stomach and straight into the black, skinny jeans you are wearing. You groan and push yourself forward.
"'Now now, relax, you wanted inspiration." He whispers and you tilt your head back, letting it hit his shoulder whilst your eyes close. His hand finds it's way into your underwear starting to rub your clit in a painfully slow motion.
"You are already wet for me y/n." He points out, with a cocky smirk on his lips. You say nothing and move your hips forward to the rhythm of his one finger, circling your sensitive spot. Within a moment, you feel two of his long, cold fingers slip inside of you, in a faster motion, pumping in and out of you, whilst his thumb, takes the place of his previous finger, rubbing your clit, to enforce more pleasure on your body.
"Ah... Matt please." You whine as the intensity builds.
"Tell me what you want." He demands in a murmur to your ear, his fingers and thumb never stopping.
"Please... Please just fuck me." You groan in frustration.
"With pleasure." He growls lowly, spinning you around and pushing you back roughly against the mixing desk in the studio. He practically drags off your shirt and tugs down your jeans, leaving you sat there in your bra and panties. He licks his lips hungrily as he gazes at you, whilst a small smile twitches on the left corner of his lips. You gulp nervously, your throat turning dry as he tugs off his shirt, revealing the full glory of his muscles and tattoos, completing the bad boy look in his eyes. He pulls off the belt around his jeans and drops it to the floor, undoing the button and zip and tugging them off with his shoes and socks. His erection is clearly visible under his tight black boxers, sending shivers and goosebumps down your body. You reach out and slowly start to rub over his boxers as he steps between your legs and moans, rubbing both of your breasts with his hands and starting to move his hands down your body.
"You are perfect." He tells you and you grin like a fool.
"Come here." He mumbles and pulls you closer, making you twist your legs around his hips as he claims your lips with a heavenly kiss. You close your eyes and lose yourself in his mouth, as he easily unclips your bra and pulls it off, disregarding it to the floor somewhere. He starts to rub over your underwear again, whilst taking off his, your lips never parting from his.
"Mine." He mutters into the kiss, biting your lower lip and then pulling back, lifting your hips and ripping off your panties. Within one quick movement, he is inside of you, making your body tense, moans escaping your lips as he pounds in and out of you, pressing into your gspot with every single powerful thrust. This fast and forceful pace continues for more than 20 minutes, until you cannot bare it much longer.
"Don't you dare cum or I will spank you." He warns, but you forget yourself and start to orgasm.
"No!" He snaps, pulling out of you and turning you around. He bends you forward over the desk, sending a forceful, but not too painful hit to your left ass cheek.
"I told you not to." He says and repeats this on the same cheek, six times, before moving to the other and hitting that six times too.
"Now this time, ask me when you want to cum." He says to you.
"This time?" You ask, but you shut up when you feel his cock push into you again. You moan and slam your fist against the desk, still sensitive from your last orgasm.
"Matt.. Matt god please." You moan but he keeps going, over and over again, harder than the last time, but a little slower, making you feel every single push. Within minutes another orgasm builds and you grip the sides of the desk.
"Please Matt can I cum?" You beg and he nods, sweat dropping from his forehead.
"Cum for me baby," he tells you, as you let go for a second time and he explodes inside of you, filling your tensed up body with his sweet orgasm.
"Well done beautiful." He whispers, leaning down breathlessly and kissing the side of your head, pulling out of you and starting to get dressed.

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