Its Only One Night

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The first day of work started right after breakfast. Thomas had already hugged you and left for the maze. Newt put his arm around your shoulder and walked you over to the vegetable garden. "I need you to start plantin' these buggin tomatoes, all of the seeds need to be buried before sundown. I will be back to help in a little while." Newt said.
Oh great, you thought. Planting seeds all day. Fun! By noon, you had planted more than half of them.
After lunch, newt came over to help. He said, "wow, you really are quick with this stuff!" "Haha, thanks" you replied with a smile across your face. "I'm pretty sweaty, just a second." Newt had said. He stood up and took off his shirt. "Ahh that's better" he said while he was laughing. You sensed that he was trying to seduce you. But it was pretty warm out, and you can't complain about him being shirtless. You can't hide the fact that it's enjoyable.

"Okay, we're about done planting for the day." Newt said with an exasperated sigh. He stood up and walked you over to the maze doors to wait for Minho and Thomas. But something was wrong. The maze doors were going to close in 5 minutes, and there was no sign of either of them. "Can we send someone after them?!" You screeched. "It's against the rules" newt said while he was rubbing your shoulders. "I have to go find them!" You exclaimed while heading closer to the maze doors. "NO!" newt yelled as he grabbed your arm and pulled you back. "Newt, I have to go find them!" You said, "we can't just let them die alone!" "I can't let you leave..... I.... I love you." With 20 seconds left before the maze doors closed, newt had kissed you. He didn't care that all of the other gladers saw it. You said, "N- newt, I..I have to go!" You ran off into the maze. As you turned around one last time, there was a small crack left in between the closing doors coming from both sides. And what you saw was surprising. It was Newt, sliding through the broken bonded doors, to follow you into the maze.

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