Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I woke up and checked my phone for the time. It was 3am. I guess I skipped dinner, I wasn't really even that hungry. I decided that I wouldn't go to school today since I had to wake up already in 3 hours so I just went back to bed.


"Honey, are you feeling alright...?" My mother sang in my ear.

"Hmm." I mumbled as I fluttered my eyes opening and closing.

"Are you feeling alright do you want me to call a doctor?" My mother asked worriedly.

"No I feel kind of ill, I think I might be getting a cold." I lied.

"Okay I'll go get you some blankets and make you some tea." She says sweetly. "You know you've never in your life have gotten sick before."

And with that she was out of my room and downstairs making my tea and getting extra blankets. My mom was right I've never have been sick before. I just always believed I had a strong immune system and for some reason my body temperature has always been around 95-105 °F and you might call me crazy but my mother thought I was ill one day and took me to the doctors although I tried to tell her I was fine and I was the doctor explained that many children have normal temperatures like that. And as odd as it may sound my blood cells are also pretty quick as a kid I use to be a slider monkey climb everything, jump every where always broke something but quickly healed within 2 weeks or so.

My mother barged in with a tray of what seemed to be lemon tea, and blankets under her arm. She set the tray of tea on my glass coffee table and opened the two warm blankets and tucked me in I also fixed my pillows in a way that I was able to sit comfortably and drink my tea.

"I have to go on a business trip today in 2 hours and won't be home until Monday." She said while giving me my tea.

"Okay." I simply say.

"You're father isnt coming back until Wednesday." She says slowly.

"Papa? He's coming Wednesday?" I ask almost immidetly with a smile plastered on my face, "Oh how I miss him."

She starts to laugh,"Yes I can see that."

"Thanks mom." I say and she kisses my forehead,"Well I must be on my way. I'll see you Monday sweety. Call me if you need anything. Olive you."

"I love you too!" I shouted as she left my room and with that I saw the taxi leave my house and there I was all alone.

I had a flat screen in my room so I started to watch Cartoon Network and Flapjack was on so I watched it and I decided to check my phone and saw texts from Joanna and Crystal say they were sorry that me and John broke up and that he wasn't even worth my time which I agree.

I put my phone down and got out of bed to get some snacks or I might just order lunch from the Chinese restaurant. As I got down stairs and rummaged through my fridge I heard something in the back yard I didn't really like the back yard since right behind it there was the woods... As in complete darkness and scariness but something was in my back yard and the curiosity was starting to kill me. So I got a Voss water that I left in the fridge and started walking towards the back door. I looked through the window but I didn't see anything so I opened the ddor and walked outside it was quite chilly so I crossed my arms and pressed them against my body not that I was cold but I wasn't in the mood to get cold. I heard I ruffle in the bushes and felt as though someone or something was watching me.

"Hello?" I sort of shouted and as soon as I did I regretted it. A big, no gigantic wolf came jumping at me and growled but suddenly stopped and its eyes I might have been seeing things but his big red eyes were filled with vurnubility and lust. At that moment I wasn't afraid at all I felt safe actually.

"Hi." I said as if it were going to respond. It took a step towards me and I took a step back it took another step forward and I took another back until I ended up falling on my butt.

"Owe!" I shouted. And the big black wold came to my side and as soon as it nudged me I felt sparks but not ones that hurt but felt nice. I freaked out a little bit and backed up the wolf looked at me straight at my eyes and with that it ran away. I heard it running for awhile as if my ear were stuck with it but then it was gone. Just like that. It was gone as fast as it appeared. When I got up I noticed my Voss water bottle broke it was glass after all. I went inside a little bit stunned but I decided to forget about it I must actually be sick to think that just happened.


So this is my first book that I will try my hardest on but I need comments and support tell me what I can improve on and add. Thanks for reading.

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