chapter thirteen

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                As the next morning started to rise into Juliet’s room, her eyes squeezed shut trying to block the sun from encroaching on her sleep. She turns slightly as she bumps into a stiff figure, finding her brother lay out on top of her blanket. She giggles softly to herself as she moves her hand over his nose.

        A few seconds go by before Michal started twitching trying to breathe in his sleep.  Realizing he is getting none, his eyes shoot open as he jumps up gasping for breath. Juliet lets out a laugh as she points at her brother while holding her sides. Michal glares as he grabs her arms pulling her closer as he starts to tickle his sister. Juliet’s laughs fill the air while trying to fend off her brother’s attacks.

        A knock is heard at the door, as the woman from the night before walks in and smiles at the two telling them breakfast is ready. The siblings look at each other as the soon find themselves fighting to get off the bed and be the first to the kitchen. Of course Michal is the winner as he jumps over the beam of the stairs onto the floor below. Juliet yells at him for cheating as he quickly follows him into a silent kitchen. There sat their parents. Juliet turns to her father wrapping her small arms around his neck into a deep embrace. He chuckles softly as his blue eyes meet hers before she sat down. She then turned to her mother as her face drops. Breakfast time was always a happy moment for her mother. She loved hearing about the weird dreams that her children had shared but today she seemed lifeless. Her mother seemed to be pushing food from one side of her plate to the other. Michal had noticed it too as he looked at their father and then mother. Something was not right.

        “Michal, Juliet. There is something the two of us must discuss with you.” The deep tone of their father brought both of their attention from their mother’s face.

        “Dante…right now? At least let them eat first.” It was the first emotion that Juliet saw in her mother’s face today and it didn’t look happy.

        “Nina…” Was all he had said before she turned her face back down to her plate full of food.

        “Dad, what is it? Is something wrong? Did something happen to the pack?!” Michal’s voice raised as his fork drops on the plate his face misshapen from the lack of information.

        “No Michal nothing is wrong with the pack. It’s about the two of you.”

        Juliet and Michal look towards each other then back at their father in confusion.  What was wrong with them? Did they do something wrong? Was it about the noise they made? Perhaps it was the time they let a deer come into the house two months ago. Or maybe the time they went out and dug up the backyard trying to catch a mole. Could it have been the ironing board surfing down the stairs? They trembled in fear on what they did as they both turned to their mother to bail them out, but she continued to stare at her food not making eye contact.

        A low clear of Michal and Juliet’s father’s throat slowly made them turn their head in his direction as he sets his cup of coffee on the table. “In two year time, the two of you will become a mated pair.”

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