Nick POV

I watched as my ten year old brother walked over to who I consider to be, the most beautiful

girl in the world.

It's really a shame to watch your younger brother be braver than you but I just have to see

how this plays out.

I walked a little closer so I could hear everything being said.

"Hey Tiffany" Noah said, with a huge smile on his face.

"Well hello, Noah. How are you?" Tiffany asked, with a smile.

"I'm good. I was wondering if you would go out with me?"

Oh my God he was right to the point and everything. Such a brave little dude.

Tiffany smiles. "I would,love,to."

Ok, I don't know what got,into me but I just felt this....feeling. I can't describe it but it was there.

I mean,Tiffany said yes to my baby brother.


He's way older than her. I mean, not that she's old. She's an extremely beautiful girl. I just couldn't believe it.

Danny smiled."Well, it looks,as if you might be tied up, Miss Tiffany,so,I,will let you go.. Though I must say it's been a good day with you, my friend."

Wow, he said friend. That is good to know.

At least Danny is not her boyfriend like I was afraid he was.

Anyway, Noah smiled at her."So how about seven tonight? "

Tiffany smiled."Sounds great."

Oh my God! Tiffany actually agreed to go out on a date with my kid brother!

I feel an idiot now more than ever.

Just when I did not think I could feel any worse, Nelly had to make a comment.

"Noah is braver than you, Nick."

I sighed."Thanks so much for pointing that out, baby sister."

Nelly giggled and at that moment, she and I walked over to where they were.

"Well I'll see you this evening,Tiffany." Noah said, with a smile about ten miles wide.

"Ok Noah"Tiffany said, smiling as well.

Noah then took off walking happily with Nelly following him.

She was probably wanting all of the juicy details from him.

That's how girls usually are.

Anyway, while those two were talking, Tiffany and I looked at one another.

"Well, your little brother is quite the charmer."

"Yes he is." I said, sounding a little nervous.

Damn it! I hate when I do that.

Tiffany smiled at me again. "Well, I guess I should go get ready for my date tonight."

"Oh yes, I understand."

"Take care Nick." She said, giving me a smile as she walked away.

"You too." I said, sighing as I went to round Noah and Nelly up and head for the car.

If only the beautiful Tiffany Navarette was getting ready to go on a date with ME.

Oh well. Only in my dreams I guess.

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