Preference #21 What he loves about you (Physically)

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Nash- He loves your eyes. You didn't think anyone's eyes were as great as his including yours. You thought your eyes just weren't as beautiful as his. But Nash loved your eyes. He could tell what you were thinking. Your eyes told a story.

Cameron- He loves your skin. It's very smooth and natural looking. You actually are tan and he loves that your skin glows.

Matt- He loves your smile. You didn't have perfect teeth, but it's just a cute quirk that you have.

Shawn- He loves your voice. You try and sing along with him. You think you suck but he loves to hear you try and sing. Your voice is very soothing.

Carter- He loves your hands. He try's to hold them whenever he gets the chance. He just likes how small they are compared to his.

Jack G- He loves everything about you. He can't ever get enough. There isn't anything he can choose that he loves. He just thinks you are perfect.

Jack J- He loves your height. He actually found someone that was at least a little shorter than him. He loves how small you are because he likes to rest his chin on your head when you guys hug.

Hayes- He loves your nose. It's so cute and small compared to his. He just to kiss your nose.

Taylor- He loves your hair. He loves to play with your hair when laying in bed trying to fall asleep. He likes to try and do your hair even though it doesn't always turn out great.

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