How Did We End Up Here?: Chapter 2

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This chapter is a little short! I hope you guys (all like zero of you😪) enjoy it. Please comment!

I direct Luke back to my apartment, and he pulls up to the front and gets out. "I can walk myself from here. Thanks" I say as I step out of his tiny sports car. He follows me anyway. I get to my front door, unlock it and step in. "Thanks for driving me. I didn't realize it would be such a long drive. Bye now." Before he can say anything I shut the door in his face. I put my purse on the kitchen counter and slip my heels off my feet. As I'm walking back to my bedroom, I hear a knock at the door. Deciding it could be Renee coming back from some hook up with a guy or even just the club, I answer it. It's Luke. "What do you want now?" I ask him. He's smirking. I don't get it. "I never got your name." He says still smirking. I don't get it. "Jenna. Now will you go?" I'm getting irritated now. "Jenna, would you like to go out for coffee or something with me?" He's biting that black lip ring now and fidgeting with the hem of his coat. He's a little awkward, which is cute, but still creepy. "Fine. Whatever. Just give me a minute to change. You stay out here though." I shut the door in his face once again and dash to the end of the hallway to my room. I peel off my sweat and snow covered dress I've been wearing the whole night and today so far, and but on jeans and semi-nice shirt; this isn't a date or anything. I run to the bathroom quickly and fix up my makeup and hair the go to the bathroom. I have a little argument with my grey and white snow boots, they're always hard to get on, then I grab my black coat and a hat. Just as I'm getting my purse from the counter, Renee slides out of her bedroom. "Morning J" she says, startling me. "Hi Renee." I'm a little preoccupied with hiding the fact that there's a boy waiting outside for me. She'd never let me live it down if she found out I met him at the bar. "oooooh where ya goin?" Renee starts a pot of coffee. "Just out. I'll be back later." And with that I'm out the door.

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