my brothers death

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Its been years and years sinces my brothers death.but I can't shake the feeling for leaving him.I wish there were some way to bring him back.but I know that's impossible? Or is it possible. I don't know I guess it's stupid.

"I thought,that inside my head over and over". As I walked home that day.but I keep feeling like someone was watching me and following me.I turned around to see if it was true but there was nothing there.but a bunch of houses,cars,trees,and grass.

I turned back around thinking" maybe I'm just tried?"once I got to the apartment, and I got to my apartment. I got out my key,and I was about to unlock my door when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck go up.I turned around to see my dad."um,dad what are you doing here".just checking up on you.he said.

"so,you followed me home?but why would you?" I ask." too make sure your safe walking to your apartment "he pointed out." do you want to come inside for a few minutes? "I ask." I guess it wouldn't hurt"he said.I unlock my door and sat on the couch."it must be hard living without your brother son"he said.

"Carson would want better for you.and not this,I mean this doesn't fit you". when he said that it hurt.because it was true.I had no reason to live.

" hey dad do you want something to drink or eat"I ask.then he turned around and look at me."no I'm good son.but come over here and sit next to me"he told me.I sat next to him but I was afraid to look at him.

I looked over to the picture frame and looked at felt like he was here right next to me."michael.I know how much this"."I know dad but I want Carson back".tears started rolling down my faces."I really did miss my brother".

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