Chapter 2

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Cartman was in math class the next period ,listening to his music ,he only had Kenny and Butters in this class ,he didn't really pay attention to anything or anyone ,just pulled his sleeves down and turned up the music.
Later on at lunch Cartman sat at their table ,joining the other boys.
They were laughing about something Kenny said ,probably about boobs or something. Cartman rolled his eyes and there went the ear buds again.
Butters looked over at him
"Gee Eric why do you always have those ear buds in?" He asked
Cartman made no response
"E-Eric?" Butters said
"HEY FATASS!" Kyle shouted trying to get cartmans attention.
Cartman jumped "what the fuck do you want!?"
"Butters asked you something."
Cartman groaned "What the hell so you want Butters?"
Butters looked over at Cartman with innocent blue eyes.
"Well uh I was just wondering why you are always listening to music. Y-you seem quieter recently."
Cartman glared at Butters.
"What do you want me to say?" Cartman calmly replied.
Kyle joined in the conversation.
"Well you normally talk about stupid shit and you're always pulling pranks on people now you don't really do anything."
Cartman smiled at Kyle ,sweetly.
"Kahl people change ,I figured you would be pleased about that."
"You don't change Cartman you've always been an asshole."
"Thanks Kahl ,but I don't really feel like discussing this."
"Since when do YOU of all people back down from an argument? What is wrong with you lately?"
Cartman closed his eyes and sighed ,then he got up and left without a word.
Later on that day the boys were in gym class ,the locker room had finally got redone so the boys were told to go dress out.
Cartman sighed and quickly took off his clothes and put his gym ones on in the corner where he could not be seen. Then he put his jacket back on over his t-shirt.
The boys took their spots in line ,when the coach stopped Cartman who came out last.
"Cartman! What do you think you're doing wearing a jacket to gym?"
"I'm cold" Cartman replied automatically.
"Cold?! It's hot here in this room now take that thing off."
Cartmans eyes widened "N-no"
"What do you mean no? That's an order!"
Cartman looked down ,and the coach grabbed Cartman's jacket zipper and pulled it down ,Cartman gasped and tried pulled away.
The other boys watched wondering what exactly was going on.
"Ay! Let. Go." Cartman pulled away resulting in his jacket being pulled completely off.
The class gasped and the coach murmured "Cartman.."
As they saw scars all over his arms.
The deepest ones were near his wrists and some of them were fresh.
{Cartman? A cutter?} Kyle thought
Cartman bit his lip and started to cry ,he quickly ran out of the school despite the protests from the teachers.
Cartman slammed his door and slid to the ground sobbing.
Kyle quickly dressed and left the school while everyone was distracted wondering why Cartman was cutting ,and he started running to Cartmans.
Cartman sobbed harder ,and looked down at the cuts.
"I HATE MYSELF!" He shouted ,his gaze fell upon his desk drawer.
He slowly opened it ,and pulled out his blades.
Kyle breathlessly ran.
{If Cartman was depressed why didn't he tell anyone? We could have helped him..} He thought.
Cartman sat on his bed and held his left arm out in front of him.
"Everyone hates me.." He whispered and dragged the blade across ,the pain made Cartman cry more.
"I'm an asshole.. I don't deserve anyone." He said and dragged another blade across his arm.
"I have a whore for a mom.." He dragged yet another one across getting closer to his wrist.
"I'm a fatass.." He shoved the blade into his wrist ,and cried out in pain ,but dragged it across pushing harder.
"Why am I so worthless!?" He shouted between his sobs and did it once again.
The door burst open.
"CARTMAN!" Kyle shouted seeing Cartman ,he slapped the blade out of his hand. Cartman cried harder and grabbed the blanket crying into it
He shouted, Kyle pulled the blanket away ,and held onto Cartman tight.
"Stop that.." He whispered in Cartman's ear ,Cartman cried more and hugged Kyle back tightly. Kyle let him not caring that his clothes were getting all bloody ,and stained with tears. Cartman shook and trembled and gasped as he cried ,eventually his sobs became lighter until they stopped. He pulled away and looked at Kyle "Sorry.." He mumbled.
"Cartman ..don't be I don't care."
Cartman nodded in response not wanting to speak. Kyle took Cartmans hand gently in his. "Can we clean this?" He gestured to the cuts.
Cartman nodded and stood up, Kyle lead him into the bathroom and turned the water on ,cartman put his arm under the cool water. Once cartman wrapped bandages around the cuts they went back in Cartmans.
Kyle scooped the blades into his hand ,and looked at Cartman with sad pleading eyes. "Can I throw these away?"
Cartman sighed and nodded slightly.
Kyle smiled and disposed them.
"C-cartman? Why had you been doing this to yourself."
"I'm worthless and no one loves me." Cartman simply replied
Kyles eyes widened and he hugged Cartman
"No you are not Cartman!" Kyle lightly kissed Cartmans forehead
"And I love you." Kyle added smiling.
Cartmans heart was pounding
{He doesn't really love me.. He's just a caring person} he thought
{but... But someone ...cares about me}
Cartman smiled in the first time in forever ,and he hugged Kyle back.
"Thanks Kahl"
Kyle smiled
"And you are gonna recover from this depression.. Because now I'm here for you ,and you better tell me everything that is going on!"
"I will.. I promise" cartman whispered still savoring the hug.

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