Valerie's POV

I was driving Ashley to her house, she was crying so much. Her hands where holding her face. My car went into Ashley's drive way, and I took my keys out.
"Ashley."i looked at her. All she did was get out of my car.
"Ashley?" I asked.
"come on lets go in my house." her voice cracked.
"Okay" she unlocked the door and went straight to the couch. She was still crying.
"Why? Why do I like him?! Huh? Why did I develop feeling for him. I never want to see him!" Ashley said. Her emotions where getting the best of her. I ran through her house looking for the kitchen, once i found it I got water and ran back to her, but she wasn't on the couch. I heard the door slam upstairs.
"Ugh! Ashley!" I ran up to the closed door that had stickers that said "Ashley"
"Let me in. Please I'm trying to help." I opened the door she was lying in her bed.
"I want to take this stupid dress off."she said
"Why? It's nice. We can go to another party."
"I want to change, Matt bought me this, I just want to change and grief."She said in a low winny voice. Ugh!
"Ashley I'm not going to let you cry all night, come on let's do something cool, my mom always told me 'when you feeling down, go up and do something' so we are going to do something. and no whats or buts."
"But- what?" I cut her off
"No. My friend kenneth is having a party. I'll pick your clothes and I'll do your make-up and put your hair down it was nice." I told her. It was for her best, I don't want my friend to be sad.
"Ugh! Fine. But can you sleep over I don't want to be alone. I was going to spend at matts house but you know."
"Yea sure anything for you"
I picked out a white crop top, black skater skirt, with black vans. Then I did her make-up I made it natural,
I just covered up her red puffy eyes so it looked like she wasn't crying.
Then we looked in the mirror. I was wearing a blue tight dress with black vans. I know kinda weird but that's the way I am.
We took a picture and I posted the picture on Twitter and for my caption I said ' going out with my main💁' it's funny how people refer her to the mystery girl.
"Hey I'm going to call Cam, okay?"
"Okay but tell him not to tell matt where we are going. please."
I dialed cam.

(V=Val, C= Cam M- Matt)
It rang three times before he answered

C- hey baby, where are you and ashley?

V= hey we are at her house , but we're going to Kenneth's house. Please don't tell Matt

C- Val I can't do that Matt knows he screwed up. He wants to see her and knows he made a mess.

V- that he needs to clean up, I'm not going to watch Ashley get hurt. Anyway I need to go Ashley's waiting for me In the car and please please don't tell Matt okay?

C- okay. please be safe baby, I love you.

V- I love you too I'll tal-

M- Is ashley with you? Valerie you need to tell me. I need to talk to her.

V- Matt just stop she needs to cool off we're not even home. I got to go bye.

M- Val no. plea-

I ended the call, it hurts my heart to do this but right now I need to help Ashley too.
I went to the car
"Hey are you ready?"
"Um yea, thanks for this." She thanked me.
"It's no problem." and then we went off to Kenneth's house. Once we arrived we saw people passed out on the grass. I found parking and we got out.
" So who's kenneth? And how do you know him?"
"Well he goes to my school and my mom and his have been friends since we were small." I told her
"Oh okay cool."
We went inside the loud house that was playing ' drunk in love' by Beyoncé
I saw kenneth and he came to us.
"Hey Val, how are you?"he yelled.
"Hey I'm good." I don't think he heard me because he looked at me weird, so I got his and Ashley's hand an took them in the front yard.
"Hey." I said
"Hey. who's this?" He said hugging me

Ashley's POV

"Oh hi I'm Ashley" kenneth was tall he was Philippino (don't know if I spelled it right sorry) but his eyes weren't.(does that make sense?)he was handsome. oh god. I thought.
"Hey nice to meet you what if we get a drink?"
"Okay" was all I managed to get out of my mouth.
"Hey Ash I'm going to say hi to some of my friends just stay with kenneth."
"Um okay." we went back into the house and he led me to the kitchen
"Here drink this."
"What is it?" I asked
"It's beer."
"Um okay." we went to the couch and we started to talk an I would drink what was in my cup but it would burn really bad. After hours of talking we kind of got uncomfortable because the couple to the right were basically dry humping each other and on the left there was a couple who were getting mad at each other.
"Come on let's dance." he took my hand, just like matt. ugh forget him Ashley.
"Okay." I got up and we went in the middle of the 'dance floor' his living room. while real by years and years played I think. And kenneth was singing to me which was making me laugh.
" Oh I, I think I'm into you." he sang to me, and he would only sing those words to me. someone pushed me so our chest where touching, but I didn't stop dancing. we kept laughing. I actually stopped thinking of matt.
Then 'talking body by Tove Lo'started to play
He put his hands on my hips as we moved side to side, one of my legs between both of his. I was actually having fun. that was in tell someone pulled me away, it was matt.

"What are you doing?" He asked
"I was dancing." I scoffed
" Ashley I'm really sorry you must be mad." He said.
"It's not like we were a thing. I don't care." I snapped, Val looked at me- like she didn't know they where coming I just nodded at her.
"Ashley, I didn't mean it."
"Why don't you tell that to the girl you basically fucked." I spat I turned around and he grabbed my hand
"Hey!" I yelled
Then kenneth came
"Come on let her go man I'll take the girls home."
He grabbed me and Val, we went in his car
"Is this your first time drinking?" He asked
" I can tell, your one of those people when they drink"
" and what type is that?" I asked
"You don't care what happens. like a bad bitch type."
"Haha your funny."when I got to my house I took off my clothes and put a big shirt with pink little shorts.then I gave Valerie a tank top with sweat pants. After I went straight to my window and closed the curtain but while I was there I saw matt.
"Come on Ashley, I'm tired and we have been through a lot lets just go to sleep." Val said to me.
"Okay in a second. just sleep on my bed."
I faced matt again his back was faced his opened window, I could here him crying. maybe what i did was wrong. I should have talked to him instead of going to another party. ugh! Why am I such a mess!
I decided to text him

( M-Matt A-Ash)


He read it, he just didn't reply. I screwed up.

A-okay so I know you might see this and won't reply, but that's okay. if i was you I wouldn't reply either, so if you really want to talk meet me at Taco Bell at 11:00 am tomorrow. Well okay goodnight..

I stopped texting him, I closed my curtains and went to my bed, right next to Valerie. My eyes slowly started closing, that was Intel I heard my phone ding it was Matt! All he said was 'k'. now all I have to do is wait till tomorrow and see what it brings. why do I have mixed emotions.

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