I haven't checked this for any spelling errors lol and I let my other inner fangirl let loose a bit I'll try my best to not spoil anything big because books are mentioned just like basic stuff that happens in the trailers or something maybe idk

I walk into the cafeteria sitting next to Lachlan.
"Hey dude." I greet setting down my tray.

"Hey." we chit chat about our day at school, but one thing about his explanation stands out to me. Jerome apologized. I'm not too surprised though. Jerome always had a more sympathetic look in his eyes whenever Mitch beat someone up.

"Hello!" I hear another tray being set down and look to see Preston smile.
"Hey dude. This is Lachlan by the way. Lachlan this is Preston." I explain to both of them. They wave from each other silently when yet another tray is put down.

"Hey, Vikk." Lachlan greets when the British accented boy sets his own tray down. I sigh. Dang it, it won't just be Lachlan and I anymore. I liked being alone with Lachlan he made me feel like I could share anything no secrets to be kept... except one.

Yet another tray is set down by Jerome crowding the table. That's was the second to last seat of the table and I was kind of hoping it would stay empty. All of them engage in small chit chat while I sit to myself thinking.

I wonder what Lachlan feels about this. I look over and see him staring down at his hands in his lap.

"I wish it was just us like the old times." I whisper receiving a slight nod from him. I get up and he follows me putting his tray on top of mine.

We had ten minutes before next period which we luckily have together so we head to the library. I graze the shelves looking for something interesting and I see one that slightly sticks out but not much. I grab the spine and pull it out from the shelf.

Perks of Being a Wallflower

I read the back and decide to check it out. Then the bell rings. Lachlan walks up to me a book in his hands.
"What book did you get?" I ask him and he holds it up.

"Maze Runner. What about you?"
"The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It seemed pretty good. I don't know I thought I'd give it a shot. By the way TMR is a good series." He smiles and we walk to our next class.

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