Chapter One: When Is This Ever Going To Stop!

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*Hello! I'm ever so excited to write this and I really do hope you enjoy this story, I worked incredibly hard and put effort into it, Please enjoy!!*


Hey, my name is Destiny Brooks, A.K.A the loser of my high school. I'd like to give you a brief description about myself and what not. I'm 18 years old, I have blonde hair, deep blue eyes, I'm 5'6 so I'm not tall but I really don't care about my height, I'm pretty skinny I would say but I do have curves, I have no sense of fashion so I literally have to take 'Fashion sense classes' as my best friend would call them, which is just basically fashion advice from Kaitlyn Coleman, A.K.A bestie for life. Naomi Taylor is literally my enemy, she thinks she owns the school or something! She's been bulling me ever since I was in middle school. Right now I'm in senior year in high school but summer is just around the corner and I can't wait to escape this horror land!

Now this will be a bit about my life, I'm sure you're bored but I promise you, it's worth it to know more about me.

As a child I was very happy, I was raised in a wealthy family living in a big house with my mom, dad and two annoying older twin brothers but everything seemed... perfect back then. My dad worked as a journalist and was very successful, it was also the reason why we were rich. Unfortunately one day my dad's boss called my dad and told him he was fired... and till this very day, I still don't know why he was fired but all my parents told me was that it was none of my business. So from there, my dad had a very hard time finding a new job and thats what made us lose money. It was hard for them, it was hard for me, for all of us, we struggled but we got through it. My dad found a decent job working at a factory, I understood he wasn't too fascinated with it as it wasn't his style and I could tell in his eyes he wanted his old job back but it would be impossible. We moved on forward and became just like an ordinary family, living in an average sized family house, we weren't poor but we also weren't rich like we used to be. The real horror began when I started middle school, things got real bad. I came across a girl named Naomi Taylor who was of course, no other than the queen bee and most popular girl in school. She would tease me, laugh at me, bully me, she did whatever she could to humiliate me infront of everyone. I found my best friend, Kaitlyn, in that situation as she tried to help me. We became so close that I stopped worrying about everything even though nothing changed at all. For the unlucky person that I am, later I started high school and guess who came to the same high school? Yes, the witch of the school , Naomi, however I was glad I had Kaitlyn still with me because I knew she was my true friend.

And that's pretty much the deep parts of my life I guess.

Chapter One: When Is This Ever Going To Stop!

I woke up to my alarm beeping really loudly which scares me every morning, I know I shouldn't torture myself like that but what can a girl do who loves to sleep?
I layed there for a few minutes before my body allowed me to escape this heaven which is of course, my bed. I sat on the edge of my bed scanning my room for no particular reason, it's a routine that I gotta do every morning now.

I thought my eyes popped out of my sockets because I realised it was the LAST DAY of high school before summer break starts. I couldn't wait any longer, I hopped out of bed to find an appealing outfit for the day, I knew I had to look outstanding and bold, it's not like I was seeking attention or anything because all these past few years I've been doing everything I can to avoid being noticeable to the human eye, unfortunately everyone knew me and bullied me, which is why I don't feel comfortable wearing the clothes I would usually wear as that was the reason why I was being picked on.

My choice of pick looked very girly and wasn't really my style but I still went with it. It was a solid black playsuit with a white peterpan collar, when on earth did I own this? Probably from some sort of shopping day with Kaitlyn, possibly... It was super hot today so I chose the perfect outfit.

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