One goes down anoither comes up

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"What are you guys doing get back to work." A guy yelled from the shadows "who do you think that is?" Cat whispered. They herd a noise like someone slamming something in medal everyone flinched. Next thing you know there's a mysterious guy with a bloody medal pul yelling "Who else wants to disrespect me!" He yelled and there was a long moment of silents before they all left the old dark house.

"I'm scared." Cat says "it's gonna be okay don't worry." Jake says as Cat starts to cry with her red hair shinning in the light. Her blue eyes watering down her face as her tears go down her face. "Cat we are going to be okay." Jay says trying to make her feel better about herself. "How do you know that." Johnny says scared.

"Guys don't worry we are going to be fine."

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