His Uncle

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Okay hey you guys I'm so glad your reading I hope you've read my other story if not do so it's good. I used to update everyday or two days but that's been making the chapters really short. So from now on I'm gonna write when I feel like it so that its better...anyways yay I'm ready for this chapter cause we get to meet Zach phoenixs uncle and that is him in the pic so yea here it is




My hands were pinned and I felt his  teeth in my neck. I could feel the sharpness of his fangs and my body begged for him to sink his sharp teeth into my flesh.

"Babe can I run to my uncles real quick so i can get some clothes? I feel kinda dirty and want some clothes and shower." He  asked looking down at me.

I sighed not wanting the moment to end.

"Can I go..?" I asked biting my lip staring back at him.

"Well he is a vampire and um kinda a human drinker..." He said getting off me.

"And?" I said kissing his neck.

"OK...but I'm telling you now you stay right next me. If you move a foot away I will be on you like a lion on a zebra." He said sounding worried and serious.

"Sounds hot." I replied laughing.

"You are such a smart ass." He laughed shaking His head.

He got up and got his keys as I wrote a note telling where we were going in case my mom best us home. I went outside with him and got into his car and smiled at him as he started it.

We drove and made small talk till we came to a house near a lake. The house was a good distance from mine but it wasn't in the middle if no where.

It was a two story home and it looked pretty good for being kept up by guys. Yes one of them is gay, but I mean really out of me and him he was most definitely the guy. I mean I was a guy too of course but I'm a little more feminine and I don't give a fuck cause that's how i was made. I was born this way.

"Nice." I said getting out of his car.

"Yea its alright." He said grabbing my hand and walking into the house.

"Uncle Zack!! I'm here!" He yelled throughout the house. Soon a man walked down the stairs. This man was hot. I mean I expected dark clothing and scary old man but no this guy I would tap....if I wasn't with his nephew of course. Also I guess technically he would tap me cause he'd be the top....

"Ahhhhh hello phoenix." He said walking to the floor.

"Uncle this is my boyfriend..jack."

"Yes hello." He said extending his hand.

I gladly took it and watched as he raised it to his mouth and kissed it with a smile.

"Nice to meet you." He said smirking and letting go of my hand.

"You too sir.." I replied smiling as nicely as i could.

"So what brings you and your delightful little friend here for?" He asked turning his glaze to phoenix.

"I needed some clothes and I was gonna shower really quick." Phoenix said holding my hand with a comfy grip.

"Oh well go right ahead it will give me time to talk with this lad." His uncle said smiling at me.

"Well uncle I was actually gonna just leave him in my room while I did that stuff." Phoenix said holding on to my hand tighter.

"Nonsense boy, we are not gonna have your guest be bored. Now run along and do what you need we will be alright." His uncle said shoeing him away.

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