We've been at Warped exactly 3 nights, and I haven't had time to see anyone yet. But that's about to change. I was going to see Black Veil Brides tonight, even if I had to sneak out and sneak into the stage area.

While Gus and Doug were playing X-Box, I creeped out of my bunk and through the living room, slinking behind them. They were so interested in their game that they didn't notice me. Of course, I kinda army-crawled behind the couch so it's not like they could have been able to see me anyways....

I ninja-rolled across the kitchen and reached for the door just when Travis walked in. He stared at me with his eyebrows raised. He rolled his eyes and then winked at me and walked out casually like he hadn't seen anything. I grinned and walked out quickly. I couldn't keep the skip out of my step, and I flashed my ID to the guard quickly before heading into the barricaded area. They were playing on the big stage. It would be epic, I couldn't wait.

A couple people squealed when they saw me and asked for signatures and pictures, but other than that I was just another fan. And that's exactly how I wanted it, because I was just another adoring fan who loved Black Veil Brides. I was just another person in the crowd, no more special than they were.

I stood there waiting, watching the stage light up from darkness to blazing fire. I watched and my heart quaked in excitement. They were coming on soon, soon Id get to see them live, just like I'd always wanted. It would be the best moment of my life.

I fought my way to the front, and stood there looking up in adoration. I avoided elbows and shoves, staying rooted to the spot, as I waited for them to come out.

And then they did. CC came out first, waving his drumsticks at us before heading to the drum-set. There were raised surfaces for all of them to stand on, with the drum-set in the back, in between where Andy and Jake, I guessed, would be. Then there was Jinxx, and Jake, and Ashley, and then Andy.

I screamed along with the others, looking up with teary eyes at the men who kept me breathing. This moment was filled with ecstatic joy, and adoring love. I couldn't even believe that any of it was happening. I was at Warped, and I was watching THE Black Veil Brides playing a show. It was amazing.

Then Andy stopped, and he scanned the crowd, before pointing to a boy. He was shaking, and wearing an I Killed The Prom Queen shirt, with tears in his eyes. The security guards helped him over the barricade and into the stage, where Andy put his arm around him and sang Savior. The boy was crying and grinning widely the entire time, and when the song ended he hugged Andy with his skinny little body.

As the boy got back to the crowd, Andy once again scanned the crowd. And then, surprisingly, his eyes met mine. He smiled his dazzling smile, and then called me up on stage. I couldn't believe it, not only was I able to watch them play, but I actually got called on stage? It was so delightfully unbelievable. I climbed over the barricade and let Andy pull me up on stage, jumping up to help him carry the weight.

"Hello beautiful, what's your name?" he asked, his deep voice echoing through my ears. I still couldn't believe that this was happening, but I heard myself answer him. "Ok guys, this one goes out to Evie!" Andy said, and Wretched And Divine started playing. I grinned and got off the chair, dancing and lip-singing while they performed. I gotta tell ya, this might be almost as fun as when I perform myself.

I heard Andy chuckle at me at some point, but I just grinned at him and kept dancing, enjoying myself. At the end of the song, Andy hugged me and I knew it was time to get off of the stage. I looked behind him where CC was longingly, and then I leaned upwards and whispered to Andy, asking "Could I say hi to the others first?" He looked surprised, but he gave me a smile and nodded.

I rushed over to Ashley, hugging him before I even said anything. He smirked and winked at me before I headed over to Jake and Jinxx, hugging them both. Then I went back to CC, who had by now figured out what I was doing. He had got off of the elevated floor, and was standing there, waiting for me. He was shirtless, wearing only a leather vest, and I could see his hips. I bit my lip and looked at his face, throwing my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me back. I leaned up till my lips were outside of his ear, and whispered "So tell me, do drummers really hit it harder?" Just as he let go of me.

I started walking away, and then he pulled me back. I slammed against him and he whispered "Meet me after the show and maybe you'll find out"

I laughed and shook my head at him, sending him a wink before getting offstage.

The rest of the concert, I mulled over what he had said. There was really no question about it, I would sure as hell meet him after the show, not to screw, at least not yet, but just to hang out with him. But where?

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