Zoey sat in a corner in fetal position, holding her knees, rocking back and forth, wondering what was going to happen next. When Jason said he knew more than she thought he knew... Just thinking about that made a cold shiver run down her spine. Thoughts scattered her mind: how he could have possibly knew all of that stuff about her, how did he find her, why was she chosen? She thought and thought for hours. Did he stalk me?, she asked in her head. It sickened her to even think about it. Abrubtly the door swung open and bashed against the wall. Jason entered into the room, and the door hadn't quite closed back after hitting the wall, allowing some light beam into the darkness of the room.

"Get up." Jason said, pulling Zoey by her arm.

"Where are you taking me?" Zoey asked, knitting her eyebrows together in confusion.

"You'll see," Jason said with an emotionless smile. Jason was good at hiding things, and lying... Those were the things he was best at, other than manipulating stupid girls.

Jason lead Zoey outside, clutching her arm tightly with his hand. He unlocked his car, pressing the unlock button on his key.

"Get in." Jason ordered letting go of her arm. Red marks were left on her arm, soon enough they vanished. Jason's car was white with silver rims, looked brand new, with not one scratch on it. Zoey opened the door to the car and got in like Jason commanded. She slammed the door behind her when she plopped into the leather seats, not having a clue where they were going.

"Jason, where are we going?" Zoey said with her head down.

" Just shut up, sit there and look pretty." Jason told her sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Zoey looked out of the tinted windows; the glass had tiny droplets of water from the moisture from outside. She watched the droplets as they one by one glided off of the window. Zoey examined her surroundings, Oak trees encircled them, nothing but oak trees. There was not any other cars on the road, only Jason's. Zoey started to get suspicious. Jason turned on to this lingering driveway. Zoey gulped down her saliva nervously trying not to show any fear.

"Wait here." Jason said unbuckling his seat belt, taking the keys out of the ignition and putting them in his pocket. Jason got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. Zoey watched him walk into the big house; it looked like an old house, like it had been there for a while. it looked... abandoned.

Zoey let out an audible breath and laid back in the seat. She waited on Jason to get back, but he was taking too long. Zoey noticed that Jason left his phone. In all intentions, she snatched it out of the seat. Zoey looked to see if anyone was coming. She dialed a number into the keypad, it was her mom's number. She wanted to call her mom and let her know that everything she was okay and that she needed help. Zoey knew she had to be worried sick about her, any mother would be. The dial tone rang and rang.. no answer. Zoey redialed the number, she started to get anxious. Suddenly, someone answered, but it was not her mother.

"Hello?! Mom!" Zoey screamed into the phone.

"This isn't your mother Zoey.." a deep raspy voice said.

"I have your mother and your sister right here." Zoey's eyes flooded with tears.

"Let them go you son of a bitch!" Zoey said with indignation. The man laughed.

"Bye Zoey." he said hanging up the phone. The phone went silent.

"No! Answer me damn it! Let them go! What do you want from us!? Zoey yelled into the phone as if someone one was there. The phone went dead. Zoey tried calling the number back.

"I'm sorry, this phone number you have reached has been disconnected.. goodbye." Zoey's heart dropped, she erased the number from Jason's phone so he wouldn't know she called. She put it back where she had found it, making it look untouched.

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