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I woke up. Where was I? In Liam's bedroom. I remembered all what happened the night before. I was alone in his bed. I just had my underwear. I put my bridesmaid dress and walked to the living room. I was looking for Liam. Everyone was awake and looked at me worried.

"Sweetheart. How are you?"My mom asked polietly.

"Fine... why are you asking me that?"I said. Scott stood up from his seat and walked to me.

"You and Liam broke up. This morning he left us and told us that you and him had a fight and broke up"Scott said.
He only wanted to stay alive. He wanted me to protect him. No, worse. He wanted my body. Coward. I'm going to kill him. No tears, no crying. I left the house and took my bike. I could hear Scott screaming my name. He could smell my anger. He took his motorbike and followed me. I went to Liam's house. His mother opened the door.

"Hi Emma. Are you looking for Liam?"His mom asked, I loved her, she was a good person.

"Yes, Mrs. Dunbar. Can you please tell him to come here?" She nodded "Thanks" Scott grabbed my arm and asked what was I doing. "I want a explanation"

"Emma. What are you doing here?"Liam asked and closed the door.

"I'm here for an explanation. What happened? You broke up with me?"I said.

"I just... I didn't feel anything when we did it. I thought you didn't love me"he said. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, LIAM DUNBAR.

"Liam. I want you to tell me the truth"I said.

"Fine. It's just... I feel weak around you. You are fearless, strong and confident and I'm weak and dumb"Liam said and didn't look at me.

"Liam, you are not weak-"I said.

"BUT I FEEL LIKE THAT AROUND YOU!"he screamed and made his eyes glow. Scott put an arm in front me.

"Liam, if you want to be strong, I will teach you"Scott said, Liam was angry. He punched Scott and he flew. Liam jumped up me and we fell. I was trying to catch my breathe while he strangled me.

"I-I still-love-you"I said between breathes. He stopped strangled me. "I still love you" I fainted.

"Emma wake up"I opened my eyes and saw I was on Scott's motorbike. He looked at me through the mirrow "Hey princess, are you okay?"

"Sure, where are we going?"

"To your house. Sorry about Liam. He was jealous about you and I understand why. You are an angel and he is just a beta"

"I thought he loved me. I was wrong. I saw what I wanted to see"

"When you're in love, these things happen. He want to talk with you"

"He will come if he needs me"I said.

When we arrived to my house, everyone was waiting for us. Everyone hugged me, even Derek. I took my bow and went to the roof. I was admiring the sunset when I heard someone near to me. At first, I thought it was Liam but I was wrong, so wrong. Was Derek. He smiled at me, he had never smiled at me. I forced a smile and looked at the sunset. He sat next to me.

"How are you?"he asked.

"He lied to you. We didn't have a fight. Now, we broke up, that is true. He feels weak around me"

"I see why"I looked at him confused.

"What you mean?"

"Emma, you are the most powerful girl I've seen since my mother. You are not like everyone. You are special and if he can't see that, he is an idiot"I smiled at his words.

"Thanks Derek. Can I ask you something?"


"You don't trust me. Why are you telling me these things?"

"Because, you make me remember my first love. I won't tell you my first love, but you can see it in my eyes"


"You are an angel, you can see inside my memories"

"Fine Derek. Here we go"

He shown me his real eyes, a perfect glowing blue. I was seeing his memories as I was seeing a tv show. Derek was in my school, he was young and handsome. He was staring at a girl. Her name was Paige. She was playing the chelo. He was flirting with her when suddently he kissed her. Memories ran faster. Derek was in a horrible place. He had Paige wrapped in his arms, she was dying. He saved her, killing her. His eyes changed for a good cause. He helped her and that caused him lost his yellow eyes. I was in the reallity. I had tears in my eyes.

"What is wrong Emma? Why are you crying?"Derek asked.

"Because you lost your first love in your arms. Derek that is why you are always mad? You miss her, don't you?"

"Of course I miss her. I wish she was here"Now I understand everything. He wants me to bring her back.

"You want me to bring her back, don't you?"

"No"I was surprised "I want you to give me my real eyes"

"But I don't know how to do it"

"That's why I brought this"he gave me my bestiary. I opened it in my page.

"Angel help: I said they were dangerous but they are really good. If you need something, ask them. They will help you if they like you or think you are a good person. You have to give them something you think is really important. -Chris Argent" I read "What do you think is important?" He gave me a necklace. A triskelion necklace.

"This was a gif from my mother when I was 15. I want you to keep it"I was so emotional, Derek gave me his necklace.

"I think this is very important Derek. Thank you. Close your eyes"

He closed his eyes. I put my hands over his eyes. I gave him my energy. When I felt I was done, I removed my hands from his eyes. I almost fell but Derek wrapped his arms around me. It was a kind of hug. He turned his eyes into his werewolf eyes. His eyes were yellow. I smiled at him and he came back to the reallity. I was a good person. Well, a good angel actually.  Now it's clear. Why I am here? I have to protect this town. I'm the angel of this town.

"Thank you so much"Derek said.

"You're welcome Derek, now I need to be alone"I said and he nodded.

He walked away and I looked the sun hide. I was admiring that when someone sat beside me. It was Liam. I didn't want to talk with him. He wasn't my boyfriend or my friend. I still was in love with him but he hurted me many times. He put an arm on my shoulders and pulled me near to him. No words, no speak, just Liam and I.

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