"Stop!" Blaire cried as she jumped in front of Melissa just before the spell activated. Melissa glared at Blaire and stared at her.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Well, I did some test trials and found out that the spell is strong enough to erase all memories from the person it is cast on. If we want to convince the adult pure-bloods to except hybrids these girls need to have some memory."

Melissa curled her lip and growled, I could tell she wasn't happy.

"Very well, I will wait to cast the spell. Fix it, and hurry" and with that Melissa left, her head held high. I breathed a sigh of relief. Blaire had just saved Mara's memory. I wonder if the spell was really too strong or Blaire was just bluffing, I thought. I looked at Blaire ans saw amusement spark in her eyes. A smile spread across her face and she giggled. Blaire looked around and got a hold of herself. Her expression turned serious and she walked over next to Tessa.

"I can't belive Melissa would do this. Our leader is a cold-blooded killer and hasn't told half of the rebellion. We've been following her, thinking that this was a peaceful rebellion. There is no way I am helping her any longer. I think I am going to be sick." Tessa made a gaging motion to prove her point.

"Blaire, what projects has Melissa told you to do lately?" I asked cautiously.

"Not many that are important except, oh, oh no." Blaire wimpered

"What? Blaire, what is it" I said, my voice quivering.

"Melissa told me to enhance the knock-out smoke so instead of knocking out people it would end their brain waves permanently." Blaire turned to me," It will kill anyone who inhales it. And I have already finished the project. Melissa is going to kill the pure-bloods"

Everyone turned to Blaire. No, I thought. I can't let this happen.

"We need to warn everyone, and we need to do it now. Blaire can you get Mara out of the cell?"

"Yes just give me a second." Blaire sat down in front of the lock.

"If you let me out, you have to let Kathy out too" Mara pointed at the girl in the cell across from her. Blaire nodded and took out a small device. She turned it and both Mara and Kathy's cells came unlocked. They both walked out.

"Let's go" I started towards the hallway when Kathy shouted, "Wait, we need to save my brother!"

"Do you know where he is?"

"Yes follow me" Kathy ran down the opposite direction and took a right. We all started running after her and found her in front of a small cell a little ways down the corridor. Blaire ran over to the cell and unlocked the door. A teenage boy my age with shaggy blonde hair walked out

"Kathy!" He shouted and ran over to her and embraced her in a big hug.

"I missed you Micheal. We're escaping and warning the school about an attack. We need to hurry so let's go."

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