part 1- first impressions

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I stood outside the small coffee shop on the corner only a few roads down from mine. Inside the man of possibly my dreams might be waiting for me. At this thought I adjust my scarf for the tenth time and attempt to flatten my long brown hair that has been whipped in all directions by the strong autumn wind.

I take a deep breath and step forward, pushing the rusty door hard to make it open. I clumsily fall in the shop almost flying head first due to my tiny frame struggling to cope with the heavy frame.

At the sound of a low chuckle from my mishap my head snaps around to face him. This is the guy i met online and he dosnt disappoint in real life. His brown hair stuck up in certain places gave it that oh so sexy I don't care look but still managed to look controlled. He was tall, even sat down I could tell from his long legs stretched to the side of the chair. A good dress sense too, grey converse, with black ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with an open check shirt which allowed all his muscles to be on display. His mouth was twitched up into a smile and his green eyes glimmered with his amusement.

Realising I'd been staring too long, I took a hesitant step forward making sure not to repeat the door fiasco. I kept my head lowered a mark of respect any sub was taught to show a dom.

"Hello Hannah, do take a seat," his voice was low and rough, leaving no doubt that he was in charge and I rushed to comply. I shuffled into the small booth opposite him and reached to tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Before I could however strong hands gripped my chin forcing me to look up and then they gently pushed the hair aside brushing my cheek as they did causing goose bumps to rise.

"Let's cut to the chase. If we do this we do this now, I have a contract I want you to look over it and we will discuss changes if neccasary. I'm a loving dom Hannah but a firm one too. If you want this we will start today. I've ordered for you, I hope coffee is okay?"

All I could do was nod as the authority in his voice left no room to argue. The paper was pushed across the table

Before I had chance to read the coffee was brought over and I immediately wrapped my hand's around it in need of the warmth after the chill of the outside. I brought the cup to my mouth and sighed happily as the warm liquid ran down my throat. "If you were cold I could have warmed you up," his voice held two sides one full of concern and the other scolding me. "Ummm I'm sorry, I didn't really think to ask," I shrugged nervously hoping this answer was okay and it must have been from his 'hmm' in reply.
1) while alone you must refer to me as Sir or master at all times
2) when out in public you will be respectful at all times and not embarrass me
3) no touching yourself. Your body is mine, I and I alone want to provide you with pleasure
4) when asked to go to the playroom you will go immediately placing all clothing by the door and kneeling naked in the centre of the room
5) when given a command you will do so without argument or complaint
6) I will lay clothes out for you to wear each day, appropriate for the days activities meaning if there is nothing that is what I expect
7) you will attend the gym at least 2 hours a week to keep in good health
8) you will eat 3 healthy meals a day, no snacking in between unless given permission
9) you are allowed anywhere in the house but when in a room with me I expect you at my feet, on my lap or by my side
10) no swearing or disrespectful language towards me or anyone else
These rules are subject to change but if any of the above are violated the following punishments may be given:
1) spanking- hand, paddle, flogger, whip
2) orgasm denial
3) humilaiation- this includes pet play and public acts of submission
4) isolation, sleeping in the spare room
5) washing out mouth with soap
6) furniture denial- including eating and sleeping on the floor
7) naughty corner
By signing this contract you agree to the following and show that you understand the rules set out for you

I rummaged in my bag, my face red hot from reading over the contract and hoping no one saw. I squirm in my seat thinking about all these things. I find a pen and sign on the dotted line I am now his and when I see his glowing smile at my signature I'm certain I've made the right choice

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