Chapter 2

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"I thought we were the only ones around here with super abilities," Droplet thought aloud as she and Shamrock got closer to the chase that had started to lead out of town. "Who knows," Shamrock answered to the puzzling circumstance held before them.

Shamrock was referring to, how he and his sister had developed the superpowers that they now possessed. One week, the two had started to notice strange things occurring around them. Droplet might look down at her cup of water one day, to see ice cubes forming in it. While Shamrock would be sitting at his desk, to have a much needed sharpener slide towards him (glowing green). Though they were weak, they grew greater as they practiced. The powers were great and helpful, but the two knew that anyone or (just as easily) no one, could have developed similar powers to them. Shamrock and Droplet were now speeding over the police cars at an equal speed of the scepter-wielding man. The duo could now see that the culprit carried a small sack (that was soon discovered from police, held jewels).

--What do you think? We like superheroes and making up our own heroes, so we wrote this story. Questions? Ask in comments, we'll try getting back asap ;) ---

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