Chapter Fourteen

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Marissa's pov

I took my seat on the plane and pushed my carry on bag under the person in front of my seat. I relaxed and closed my eyes. I felt the airplane take flight and I drifted off...

"Marissa?" I heard a voice call out to me.I looked around and saw a figure. His hand reached out for mine. I took the figures hand. "I've been waiting for you.." He pulled me in close and wrapped his arms around my hips. I absentmindedly put my arms around his neck and hugged this stranger... His colon was thick but sweet I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck. "Marissa..."

"Marissa!!!!!!!!" My eyes opened and I saw a bright light flash in my face. "Haha your drooling!!!!!!! Say hello to Twitter and Instagram!" I slowly got up but I hit my head anyways. As Courtney grabbed the bags she lagged at our scene but karma got her and the bags dropped on her feet and then I laughed. We all just ended up laughing at our klutziness. I wiped the drool off my face and grabbed my bags and headed off the plane with the other girls.


After we checked out with the group the cadre brought us to this exquisite hotel. 5 star!!!!! I swear I lost my breath it was gorgeous. "Welcome to London!!!! Enjoy this month cause next month we have a serious competition. One of you girls will continue along with one girl from each country!! That girl wins the school contest and continues in a career starting future!! We are talking about we will make you a star! You like to sing? We will debut you! Your an actress you will be in the next OD movie!!! Hey you can even do both!!!" The cadre member went on. Courtney and Sammy"s mouths dropped. I giggled. I just want to help the school. I'm average. The rest doesn't matter. "And you get to go on a all exclusive date with a member of One Direction. My heart ran. Ugh. All the girls started screaming. I just felt my cheeks heat up. I don't want them I wanna go home. I shook my head it's GAME ON!!!


I woke up bed head and all. I yawned Samantha was still sleeping and same with Courtney. I slipped on my slippers and went out on the balcony. I felt the wind blow on my face. We get to relax for a month. I can let my guard down. Heck we are in London! I can go have fun! I wonder what Sam and Courtney want to do. I giggled. Finally I can be a normal girl. I looked down at the busy London streets all those people going to work. Haha I can't wait to get my day started! I clapped my hands together. I ran to the kitchen and went straight to the fridge eh no food guess I'll need to go grocery shopping.

I ran into to the bathroom got in the shower. @@@@@ 20 minutes later I was dressed in a white t-shirt and wripped skinny jeans slipped on my converse stuck my phone and wallet in my pockets. Wrote a quick letter to the girls case they woke up they wouldn't freak out. I ran out the room and down all 10 flights of stairs... And out of the lobby. After I caught my breath I exited the building I pulled my phone out.

"Siri nearest grocery store" I said.

"Right around the corner." I heard that teasing voice. I turn around to see Luis there smiling. I turn around like I hadn't heard or seen him. "Miss Small come don't be rude." He grabs my ear.

"Ah Luis your so mean to me." I pouted. He grabbed my hand and tugged on it. "Ah what are you doing!!"

"Taking you to the grocery store love." He winked. I pouted. "Aw don't pout your prettier when you smile." I blushed and smiled a little. "C'mon let me see those pearly whites."

"Omg Luis stop it!" I shook my head. And yes I was grinning this guy is like my best friend in a way. He brought me to a building and when we entered it I could smell cookies.... "Luis this isn't the grocery store..."

"I know I really want to hang out with you thou.. That's why I came to the hotel..." I could see him blush. Why is he blushing.. I'm not even anything special. But since we are at a bakery and he dragged me here he's going to pay 😏. "Well welcome to charlottes bakery." I looked around but that giant cookie stole my heart. He grabbed my hand and rugged me over to the counter. "2 cookies and mint hot chocolates please." He smiled at the cashier.

"Thank you Luis." I smiled. He pinched my cheeks.

"Anything for you love"

"Here you go sir." The cashier said. "That's $5.56." He handed her the money and took the baked goods and drinks. We sat at a table in the corner. He handed me a drink and took a cookie out of the bag and handed it to me. I took it.

"Oh my gosh your the best!!" I said biting into the chocolaty heaven. He laughed at me.

"Now I know why he fell for you." I shot him a confused look and raised an eye brow. "Well he hasn't said it yet but the way he looks at you screams it." I swallowed my heaven.

"I don't know who you are talking about." He stared in my eyes.

"Do you have feelings for Niall?" I almost chocked on my cookie.

"I barley even know him.."

"Great then I'll make you mine." He winked.

"I barely know you."

"Let me introduce myself then.." He got up and stood next to me. "I'm your future Romeo, my lady." My face went red. He then grabbed my hand and kissed it. I quickly took it from him. He sat back on his chair. "I'm going to love playing with you." He winked. I rolled my eyes and ate my cookie.


He finally let me leave that damn bakery but he was following me like crazy. Any fangirl would die but I am not even a fan... This is considered stalking right?? He suddenly ran up and grabbed my hand and dragged me to the nearest taxi. "What are you doing this time Luis..."

"You need a makeover."

"Are you calling me ugly?"

"Well I know in those clothes you won't make it far..."

"What's wrong with me being me..."

"Nothing it's just I wanna go I that date with you..." I turned so red.

"Forget it Luis..." I let go of his hand and ran off...


Luis pov:

I watched her run in the wrong direction. I let out a sigh. I texted Liam that my Juliet ran away and needs rescuing cause she will get lost. Man she is stubborn. I still don't understand why he likes her so much. She's average. Hmm I am going to text Eleanor. She will help for sure.

Liam pov:
Man Harry and Niall are such a handful. Huh oh I got a text from Luis. Damn Marissa... If Harry catches her he'll do something inappropriate and break Niall for sure. I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door. Poor girl doesn't even know....


Sorry took so long tooo update!!! I'm dedicating this chapter to the birthday girl barbie123 love you girl happy birthday :)

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